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Helmet bag


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Hello everybody again...


I am also looking into getting a helmet bag, for an SPH-4 helmet that I have. I searched the internet a bit, but didn't really find much information/reviews on the topic. (I wasn't able to find a pertinent discussion or thread on VR forums, either).


I was wondering if somebody has any kind of suggestions to make, about what I should look for, or what I should avoid, what brand, etc.



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lol! it's nice to see that somebody else is using the same model as I do! Actually it looks pretty similar to the bag I used to get the helmet to the school the two times I used it to fly with it (instead of my DCs). I 'll upload a pic in few minutes... I just thought I should upgrade to the .2 version of it....


(I saw your second post in the meantime, thank you very much for that, too!)

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I just ordered a Fod-Defender (FlyBoys flight bag) for my SPH5 from Helicoptersonly. It was the cheapest price I found for the bag. Other sites listed it near $50. Ended up saving around $10 after shipping.I had an old military style green canvas one that has seen better days. The fod-defender seems like a modern version of the canvas bag.



Some other sites you can check out:


http://www.aviations...-Bags_c_10.html (Florida based Company)


http://www.helicopte...Cases_c_11.html (Australia and USA based)



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