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MD500 Training aids


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Greetings all. I am currently overseas training pilots in a 500 Series aircraft. We are currently in need of some models as training aids. Can anyone give me a source for durable models of the 500D/E or 530F?


We can get training aids from TASC, but our model aircraft is not supported.


Thanks much.

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I will take any advice/links/sources I can, even a toy helicopter thats a decent size with rotating blades. Just need to be able to table talk using aircraft specific/series models. I have seen wooden ones, but I think they might be too delicate for our purposes. We just don't want to use the 58D's from TASC.


Any help is appreciated. Anybody that wandered the floor at HAI and saw a company that might be able to help I will take any leads at all.

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You might look up a company called New Millennium LTD. They used to have a small classic armor diecast 1/48 scale AH-6 Little Bird helicopter. I bought eight of them from Toysrus about 4 years ago. They are about 8"L x 3"H. If you want a bigger size than you might like the Elite Force 1/18 scale US Army Little Bird Assault Helicopter. It measures 20"L x 7"H. I would use this one one as it is much larger and easier to handle. The company website is www.blueboxtoys.com Go to the website then to brands, bbi, product, Elite Force, 1/18 scale, and then pages 2 and 4 have the helicopters. You will have to contact them though to find out if they are still available for purchase and where to buy. You could also check for them on ebay. Good luck



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