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It don't surprise me a bit, the G-1000 has 109 different function keys. The Book for the box is as thick as you can imagine, and the Cheat sheet book is about half as thick as a copy of the FAR/AIM. I got all of a 20 min fight with one and was expected to fly the airplane to europe. Garmin says that the transition is at least 8 hours of flying time and at least 8 hours in ground school and ground simulation. There is a real learning curve for it, And I got lots of hours fixed wing. I found information over load to be a problem. But all the new airplanes are installing this stuff. Heck, I wish I could still buy KX-170 B's from King. Talk about a bullet proof radio. And you don't need a transition to work the radio either. But the G-1000 is the future. Get use to itl

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