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For Sale Bose Aviation X

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I actually think it's pretty overpriced. X's have been going for $300-$500 used on eBay since the A20 came out. I bought my X with 20hrs on it from eBay in 2007 for $650 shipped and resold it in great shape with the case and 1200hrs on it in 2011 for $450.

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A lot of people get on here either not knowing what they have or really what they're looking at. My comment wasn't meant to be a personal attack. It's an open market but I don't think $700 is a fair price for that headset, that's all. Try it on eBay, maybe you'll luck out.

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The price I think is fair. They were making bose x until i think early 2011.


Again, This is a low time headset that was well taken care of, it comes with bag and extra earcups that someone gave me which would give you more time with the headset.


The price is very much like what heli girl paid for her headset. I get it is 2012 and they have a20, but this is still a good price and headset. People paid 1100 with tax and shipping for x's a year ago.


Compare what you see on ebay with mine and make the choice. Not refurbished and low time.

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