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GARMIN - PILOT MY-CAST for the ipad


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Garmin recently released "pilot my-cast" for the ipad, you get 30 days free and it seems like a great nav app.

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I downloaded it and I've been playing with it all morning.


It is very nice. Im not crazy about the inability to just hold your finger on the map and create a user waypoint.


Also I would like to see the gulf coast helicopter chart implemented. Then I can figure my distances.


Right now foreflight still works better for me. I can type in KLCH - VE200 and it finds the center block in the Gulf of Mexico.

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I don't ever use it in the helicopter unless I need to look at a chart or airport diagram. I find it too cumbersome in a cockpit. Garmins app looks to have great potential, I like the layout better than foreflight. Unfortunately it sucks for us GOM guys. The first one to put the gulf chart and the ability to hold your finger on the map in a block for a waypoint will win every pilot in the gulf with an iPhone or iPad. I use foreflight every morning though.


Email garmin and foreflight. Maybe if enough ppl inquire, they will implement the GOM stuff

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I'm basically getting it as a backup GPS in case I have to MEL the one in the aircraft again. A couple of months ago I spent the day flying 110 miles out and then hoping back and forth all over the gulf by dead reckoning alone. Good challenge but not my idea of a good time!!


I'll shoot an email off to both, to see what kind of response I get, if any.

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