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Why does this helo crash? To me it almost looks like the pilot "forgot" to finish the turn mid-way through. For three seconds at 1:00-1:03 the helicopter continues flying on it's side and doesn't start to recover until it's too late. And why is it still yawing when he hits the ground? Wouldn't the fastest recovery have been to simply roll upright at the top of the turn? Is there some aerodynamic affect that trapped the pilot?



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Oh flight control malfunction. Scary! http://www.ntsb.gov/...217X34147&key=1


View from the helo: http://www.liveleak....=f70_1333743291


The pilot initiated a right 150 to 180 degree turn reaching about 200 feet above the ground. He was attempting to neutralize the controls in preparation for a normal approach for landing when he realized the controls were "locked and unmovable in any direction." The pilot stated that the helicopter remained in the same rate of turn with the same collective pitch and cyclic input as when he had initiated the turn. The helicopter maintained the same arc through the turn and descent until it impacted the ground. The pilot further stated that he was reaching to activate the emergency hydraulic switch at impact.


That's what they call "a bad day at the office"...


Good research Jester.

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United States Naval Test Pilot School


Yes, they take Army pilots.





Also, if anyone for some weird reason didn't already have Black Hawk Down, here it is, in full, high quality, on YouTube.



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Yeah, same maneuver called by lots of different names...RTT (return to target), pitch-back turn, ag turn, etc.


Yes... and no.


When most people think of a return to target they think about a maneuver where the aircraft is pitched up, slowed, and then kicked around with pedals.


A pitch back turn is a maneuver where the aircraft is pitched up 30 degrees and banked 60 degrees, allowing the nose to drop back around. In a perfectly performed pitch back turn you never go below bucket speed and the aircraft remains in trim throughout the maneuver.

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