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I realize these aren't videos...and not even military. However, some of you may still be interested.

R44 on a pinnacle LZ in the Cascade foothills:

R22 XC Navigation...we follow wires:

Hood Canal on a clear winter day:

The view from another pinnacle LZ in the Cascades:

More pinnacle practice:

A 3-ship landing at Port Ludlow for a Cabin BBQ:

Down by the river...

Portland Heliport:

Here's a couple aerial helicopter shots I took of the ramps of Clay Lacy & Aeroflight during the Microsoft Conference in 2012 (I worked at both of these places in the past as a fueler):


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Read about this on another forum. Thought I'd share it with you 58 lovers out there.


The authors said that these were taken at Ft. Riley during a SERE exercise and somehow got the green light to do actual self extraction flights. Here are a couple of pics






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Some new det video my buddies showed me last week. Lots of MEU work.



Skid Kids. (Shakes head derisively) At least they were Line guys. I have always been jealous of that GAU. Would love to try my hand at it. 50's require more Kentucky windage. It would be badass to be essentially shooting a laser at the target.

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