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Another sick one.  

Edit, end of the thread.

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He grabbed the "do not grab" visor to get out of the cockpit. If you don't want a pilot to grab something, it should be "always grab". Then they'll never touch it.

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We came in for student change and have avionics try to fix the gun after it failed on the live fire range. Avionics opened the panel to check circuit breakers but didn't close it properly. It opened during second period while in flight.


As far as getting cooling air to the electronics, the Enviroment Control Unit pump cold A/C into these boxes and other components. We get cold air pretty much as a byproduct (or an afterthought). So, I guess, it'd be better to have the door closed. It would have been pretty bad if it started raining.

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I take it you can't look down and to the right. LoL just getting some cooling air to the components right?

Ha.... I mainly use the "mobile" version of this site and it won't allow you to zoom in on pictures. I flipped over to the "full" version this morning to get a closer look..... dang that's a bunch of exposed bits with the door open. Yeah and I think down wash excellerated rain would have caused a problem or two.

Good stuff right there.

I sometimes miss the Armys never ending supply of interesting "happenings".......keeps one on ones toes.

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MH-60L DAP & AH-6 Little Birds making it rain!!! This should bring a smile to the 160th hopefuls out there!!!


That's definitely one of my all-time favorite videos.

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