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Was reading some Army publication while waiting for the oral board, said Apache's crash the most with Chinooks the least.


Don't recall the numbers, but overall - for all airframes - only half of all crashes were due to hostile fire.


According to their numbers at least...

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Another sick one.  

Edit, end of the thread.

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I am not even finished with my packet let alone accepted into the program, and I have already changed my mind a hundred times about what aircraft I would prefer to fly... In reality flying any helicopter for Uncle Sam would be a dream come true. Now back to finishing my packet.

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I like flying with no doors B)


As for losses, well, lately we have been running into eachother or f*cking up a FADEC fail EP. Yea, combat losses are there, but we fly right where the metal meets the meat.


At least my seat is armored.

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Grind's video on page 1. I spent a year splitting Medevac missions with Pedro and I'll just say the impression they left on us then was the same impression I got watching that video. And what I saw in the video was a unit that claims to specialize in extracting casualties from the battlefield flying low over Afghanistan, buzzing people's houses, shooting stuff up, crashing trucks (?), relaxing at the FOB, and then almost 4 minutes in they actually pick up some casualties.

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Not a flying video, but hilarious none the less, pretty much convinced me I want to fly helicopters.


I'm sure you Marine folk have seen this, maybe not the Army guys...


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