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Another sick one.  

Edit, end of the thread.

Posted Images

I find it funny how almost all Navy and Marine jet videos always go the same:


Play new electronic/hip hop song

Carrier spotting sequence

Cat shot

Shot of gear coming up and unnecessarily over banking the aircraft into a turn

Fly through clouds

Drop some ordnance

Completely miss target

Pull off and look back trying to look cool

More video of oneself flying through clouds

Sweet video of Wingman looking awesome

Bada** angle of going to the merge with another jet

Blow off a retarded amount of flares for no reason

Bunch of ACM comm brevity that no one outside the military understands

Lose fight, go home

Fade in and out of over sensational recovery and line up sequence

Super dramatic day carrier trap

Sweet vid of jet getting towed and repotted

Roll Credits.


Similarly I find it funny how most Attack Helo vids I've seen go like this:


Play industrial death metal music

Videos of Mujahideen getting blasted with rockets and guns.

Accuracy by volume.

Helicopters land back at base.

Roll credits.

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I flew over this famous crash site twice today, at very low altitudes. Kinda makes you think.


Why did that happen, why descend into your rotor like that?

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Oh yea. That mountain footage is amazing. I wish I could fly in Alaska. If the Army put AD units at Richardson I would go in a heartbeat. I am not so fond of Fairbanks, tho....

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Formation flight in clouds....just seeing that gives me the willies.


Not only formation in the clouds but approaches as well. During my ATC days we used to give section PARs to fighters when the field was socked in. It was actually easier than having to split the flight up and tuck them in trail.

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Velocity is correct--I'm prior ATC as well and the Army is the only branch that DOESN'T do formation IFR. Many flights of F16/15/18s even KC135s and C17 in hard IMC down to MINs on ILS/PARs.

Well, I would say in 8yrs of ATC I never once saw any branch fly IFR formation with RW aircraft. Flying 20 ft off a wing doing a section PAR is one thing, trying to stay close enough without meshing rotors with a helicopter is a completely different animal.

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