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Another sick one.  

Edit, end of the thread.

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One of the greatest videos of anything flying, ever.




Already posted this one a few pages back, Sir. :P Definitely some tight A$$ flying though


For the Hawk guys






Someone should start a funny GIF thread...

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ill be right behind you hopefully... if all goes as planned ill be rucker boarded for the sept board...


keep us posted!!!

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In the Navy, they teach you to perform an underrun. The Blues use a "pump" maneuver where they alternate 4 to 6 positive "G"s to 2 or 3 negative "G"s. That's done before getting that close to the formation though. You can bleed off 50 or more knots of closure in short order with that maneuver. Dude in the video performed a barrel roll around the formation in essence. He did a good job catching the formation, but limited his outs in close. The announcer said formation altitude was 1,200 feet, dude sagged well below 1,000 it looked like to me on the bottom of his barrel roll.

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If he was as good as that video makes him out to be, he wouldn't have screwed away his join up in the first place. Cool none the less. Probably deserves as smack on the hand and put in the time out corner for awhile though.

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