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Intro, Chances for WOFT, Updates

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Good day everyone,


Been lurking around for a while figure I'd make a profile and get to it. Currently 4 months into the WOFT application process with ultimate goal of flying for the 160th. Stats/progress are as follows:


Age: 23 (M)

ASVAB: 97 GT: 133

APFT: 271 (unofficial, will improve)

AFAST: 144



Flight Physical Class 1a


3 hours in an R-22

1 hour of ground school




May need moral waiver (s) due to some traffic violations in 2009.


Do I have a shot? I realize my GPA and possible waiver(s) are the weakest part of my packet, I wasn't focused on my studies, and got into some trouble in my younger days.


How can I strengthen my packet and chances for WOFT? Volunteer work? I read the selection rate for FY11 was 69% for civilians so I am hopeful.


Any advice is appreciated, Thank you all !




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LORs are the determining factor for most packets lately. You seem as well connected as I was, so get them done.


Moral waivers can still happen, even in todays Army, but they are more stringent than they used to be.

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Thanks for the response, my father had a dinner in NYC and was hanging out with General Mcaffrey (4star) and two medal of honor recipients were there. Both West Point grads.


I read somewhere that for LOR the waiver's should be mentioned in there as well. Ex: "I recommend John Smith for appointment as an Army Warrant Officer Aviator in spite of his law violations and need of waivers."


Ill try to get a letter from a CW4-5 as well.


Lastly, I read the flight physical can take 6-8 weeks to get results back, I hope that's not true !

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Study for the AFAST, get good LORs, don't worry how long results take - whether it takes a day or a year you're still going for it, right? Besides, should take a week or two. Do well on the oral board and see where the chips fall.


The board may ask about your ASVAB score vs college GPA, just a heads up

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Father is a West Point Graduate


My father may be able to arrange a meeting with some 1-4 star generals for letters of recommendations, will those smooth out the rough edges on my packet?


*Long Sigh* Really? Im just gonna be frank, this sounds rather....douchie. I think I just invented a word.

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Appreciate that Tony, I'm prepared to answer that.


Didn't mean to come off "douchie" NorCalHeliKid. Not expecting special treatment because my father went to USMA and has some connections, but am looking to get some strong LOR's from those connections to help strengthen this candidates packet.


Taking the AFAST 12 hours from now at Fort Hamilton in NYC.


Thanks again all, ill update as things progress...

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Thanks SBuzzkill, I know there are candidates who are more qualified and squared away than me, so I have to leverage my strengths and advantages as best as I can.


AFAST - I just took it 4 hours ago and it was more difficult than the ARCO book led me to believe. It wasn't that hard, but a word of advice to any future test takers is to watch your time and practice the complex movements, instrument comprehension, and cyclic orientation sections. The person I was taking the test with missed 4-7 questions solely due to time.


Any advice on what to do next? I was thinking Flight Physical, then LOR's , then APFT, and then submit packet to the board?

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From what I hear, a lot of people are their recruiter's first WOFT packet. Seems the norm. Most recruiters try to discourage you to apply, they'd rather have you enlist and drop your packet later. Much faster and easier for them.

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They didnt tell you your AFAST score at MEPS?


From what I hear, a lot of people are their recruiter's first WOFT packet. Seems the norm. Most recruiters try to discourage you to apply, they'd rather have you enlist and drop your packet later. Much faster and easier for them.



No, they said it would take them a few hours to grade the test. They were very unorganized in regards to the test, "I'm here to take the AFAST as scheduled," "There's no AFAST today? O ok we will figure something out for you."


Yeah my recruiter tried to get me to enlist numerous times, I told him this is all I'm going for, if I don't make it then ill reconsider my options.


Edit: In regards to my GPA, should I take retake some of my college courses that I got bad grades in to boost GPA? Ie: Retake 4-5 courses I got a D or C in, replacing them with an A will probably put my GPA close to a 3.0.


Is it worth it, or should I not even bother since its only one part of the puzzle?

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I was reading some forums saying packets with waivers are generally discarded since there's so many applicants, especially with the current economic recession.


Therefore, in order to avoid deluding myself, should I submit a "Streamlined Moral Waiver Request" immediately as per USAREC guidelines to see whether or not I can move forward with the WOFT packet?


Finally, please let me know if I'm missing anything for the S.M.W. request:

1) DA-Form 61

2) Any legal paperwork surrounding the incident(s)

3) Letter explaining the request/situation

4) Possibly a letter from a high ranking officer/senator?


If I can't get it approved hopefully I can enlist, pay my dues, and go from there. Thanks again

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Yep, no more waivers - the Internet said so and everything on the 'net is true! There are so many applicants... is that all 256 civilian packets that made it to the USAREC board in FY2011? Is an amazingly low number for such an amazing opportunity.


Don't believe what you read and submit for a waiver, isn't a big deal. I'd do it asap and include everything you can, especially from the courts or PD or anything you have. Could go through quickly or could take a long time if they don't have enough info.


So like I said before, do what you can now and don't wait for something to happen, make it happen.

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Thank you sir, you make some great points !


I'll get my driving abstract from the Dmv to submit a waiver for that, and any records regarding my detainment/arrest. All I can do is try right.


Strangely, when I was working with an ARNG recruiter last year (I know, I know), the city police had no record of the event. Maybe because it was dismissed? If they have no record of it I guess uncle sugar wouldn't either? Weird, I wonder if there is a way one can run a military grade background check on themselves..

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Requested my records from both PD's, should take 3-7 days to get them in the mail.


I spoke with an Army LT at my job today, she said there are no aviation units in the NJ area so I have no idea how I am going to get LOR's from a CW4-5. My father agreed to setup an interview with a high ranking retired Army Officer, but my recruiter is shooting for the May board, I'm running out of time, ahh!


Should I just get 3 letters from upstanding people in my community like a police chief, priest, neighbor who is reserves, and maybe a retired Army officer?


I am also going to volunteer at the local fire department as well, something I wanted to do for a while anyway..

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^Nice SBuzzkill, glad an applicant doesn't need 4 CW5 LOR's to get selected


Still waiting on my records requests from the Police Departments.


Also, Someone suggested I just submit the packet with no waivers and then when these discrepancies come up, correct it then with the security investigator. I told this person I'd probably never become a an Army Aviator if I did that, lol! Any input?


Btw, ran into a Director of Homeland Security at my job..He told me a bunch of congressman and senators are going to this cigar lounge nearby tomorrow night. Do y'all think I should attend in a nice suit and try to get some Letters of Recommendation ? Might be a little desperate, I don't know..

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