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Is this right for me?


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Hey guys, I'm 19 and I recently started flight training about a month ago and i'm at 21 hours. Im loving every minute of it and would like to make it a career. Currently I am working as an EMT-basic and going to school to become a Paramedic but It seems that im studying less paramedic stuff and using my time to look at helicopter stuff. Ive been considering dropping out of paramedic school to focus more on flight training but im a little skeptical after reading around and hearing about the terrible job market for helicopter pilots. I plan on getting my private license, IFR, commercial license and CFI. I feel like I would love to work as a pilot and its something I could see myself doing as a career. Im hating work in EMS more and more everyday and find myself daydreaming about flying at work. Does it sound feasable to pursure a career in aviation or should I stick it out and stay with EMS? I mean im starting to love aviation, just everything about it, being in the hanger, being on the runway, flying....its just awesome but on the other hand, is it chasing a career that isn't likely to happen and work out for me. Im not opposed to getting a fixed wing rating either. Thanks for all the help and comments guy, im sure these posts must come often and start to become repetitive.

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