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Alyeska Helicopters

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I was looking at training with them a couple of years ago (right before Group 3 opened), and before they moved from Girdwood. The CFI that was there has since moved on, so I can't really tell you much since so much has changed in the last couple of years. I got a good impression with them, it was a very small operation at the time. I was going to do my commercial and CFI with them, but circumstances changed, and I ended up not moving to Anchorage (getting ready to move back to Kodiak this summer). I'm planning on getting my CFI eventually and will probably go through them since they fly Robinsons (don't want to waste money flying the 300 if I'm not moving to ANC to actually use the CFI cert). I've talked to Group 3 on and off as well, and they seem squared away as well. Both have opportunites to move up the ladder (neither is exclusivley flight training). You can message me if you have specific questions. I was planning on stopping by this summer, I got a couple scholarships from AAA and AASF, so I want to meet them in person and thank them for all the help in achiving my dreams. Are you in AK? The best thing you can do is visit them and get a feeling for their operation for yourself. I know this isn't always possible, but you can get a list of questions that you want answered, and call and ask and get a feeling from there. :)

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