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US pilots working in Canada?

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I've been researching various helicopter companies both in the US and foreign countries. Has anyone on here made the transition and began flying for another company outside of US?

I'm interested in utility work and considering getting in touch with a few companies in Canada such as Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters and Yellow Head.

Any advice from those who have made the transition before me or who have possibly already worked for one of these companies?

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I know a guy who did his training here in the States and is now working in Canada. He is a low hour guy but is flying turbines up there. He said there seems to be a good bit of work up there, just be prepared to be remote. I guess if you get a Transport Canada commercial and a visa it should be no problem going up there to work if you can find a job.

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From past experience it used to be that you had to be sponsered by an employer to get a work permit and you can't work up there without one. And their definition of work is must stricter than the US Government's definition. I am not sure that that is the current status of Canadian law, but I suspect it is or close.

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