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Hey guys, sorry Im sure this question has been asked about 1,000 times but I have yet to find the answers I'm looking for. Not too long ago I had been in contact with an Air Nation Guard recruiter about becoming a PJ and took the ASVAB my scores are







I am now interested at looking into the pilot side of things. But I have been unable to find information about becoming a heli pilot in either of those branches. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Are you wanting NG flying? Try baseops.net

You generally get hired by directly applying to the ANG unit you want to fly for. Some only hire from within, so you might have to enlist.


Ok, as for USCG, did you try their website? From what I know, its easier to fly for another service and then transfer into the USCG then to start off from the beginning.


Good luck.

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I've looked at the websites, I haven't come across anything that pertains to helicopter pilots other than the AST rating. I would be open to just about any branch but I would really prefer the air national guard. Just toying around with the idea of joining right now.

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You need to remember than helicopters are an afterthought to the USAF. They use them for SAR, running crews around our nuke missle silos, and VIPs. That is it. Getting hired to only fly helicopters in the USAF is difficult at best. You have to talk directly to ANG units with helicopters to hope to get hired. You will need stellar grades in college, excellent test scores, etc.

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seems like its impossible to get hired by anyone but the army without a degree


That has to do with the other services requiring their pilots to be unrestricted line officer first, and pilots second. Where as warrants do not have to deal with that.

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