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Mountain Flying Course

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Hello Everyone,


I have completed all of my training in southern Florida and need to get off this flat peninsula for awhile! I was hoping to find a good mountain training course somewhere out west/north and am looking for suggestions.


Does anyone know of an excellent Mountain/High Altitude Course?


If so, where is it located? What school? Is the school accredited for Veterans?


I appreciate your time and help,



Palm Beach Helicopters NVG and VRLL courses are up and running. Come on down and check us out!



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I don't know personally these schools, but I hear that "mountain ridge" and "Colorado heli ops" are well worth it!

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Hi there.


I'm doing flight training in Colorado at the moment and it depends on what you're looking for really. Down in Broomfield at KBJC there is Heli Ops, Rotors of the Rockies, and up the road in Erie is Mountain One (they only operate Enstroms). I fly up at Front Range Helicoptes out of the Fort Collins Loveland Airport. We have a 6 300C's, an R44 (another instrument ship is coming soon), and a Bell 206BIII. We do not have an approved mountain course for the VA unfortunatly. I think Heli Ops and Rotors might, so check in with them. But you will be very surprised when the DA is so high you won't even be able to hover in a 300C in Colorado. Much different flying for sure. I landing the 206 in Laramie, WY with a DA of 10,000 Ft. Awesome training! Good luck man.

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