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I was lucky enough to catch this in a local newspaper, SF conducting some counter-terrorist drills at a closed down hotel in my town, Chicago burbs... So a couple buddies and I decided to go check it out.


Video quality isnt the greatest, but it was amazing in person.. And I think most of you will figure out what unit was providing the air support ;)


Three 60's and two Little Birds, about 8 guys roped on to the roof, unknown number from the two Hawks that landed, and two guys jumped out of each Little Bird and hauled ass towards the back door of the building. Cant really see the guys, but a decent shot of the Little Birds on approach and silhouette against the clouds when they depart. The only aircraft running with lights was the Hawk dropping guys off on the roof.. Awesome.


A couple foul words in the video, put the headphones on if your around people with sensitive ears!



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