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Civilian WOFT Question

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I am finishing up my packet and have a question... As a civilian airline pilot- upon selection- will I be able to go straight to WOCS? I've heard from a few people this is possible. They say I could skip basic, but I'd have to add 2 weeks on to WOCS. Can anyone speak into this?

Also- Are they giving out any bonuses for WOFT selectees?


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No and no. Unless you have prior military experience (and this is dependent on which type), you will go to Basic, and then WOCS. The WOFT bonus is that you are awarded the opportunity to fly helicopters for the US Army.

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Like Lindsey said, no. Being an airline pilot, in no way, prepares you to be a soldier in the Army. As a Warrant Officer you'll be a soldier first, officer second and pilot thrid. BCT, WOCS, WOFT, and a few smaller courses in between. The military usually only gives bonuses when they need help filling recruiting goals and right now the Army is hitting all of theirs and giving few bonuses. But if you have student loans you can get the SLRP or if you want to continue your education the GI Bill.

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091600 December 2011 (EST) USAREC MESSAGE 12-052


From: Headquarters USAREC

To: All Recruiting Personnel


SUBJECT: Regular Army Enlistment Incentives Program Change Effective 12 December



1. This message supersedes USAREC Message 12-012, dated 14 Oct 2011.


SUBJECT: Regular Army Enlistment Incentive Program Change.


12. LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM (LRP/Incent OPT 27 and others):


a. The LRP levels are as follows IAW para 16:


1) Available to all MOSs in levels 5 only.


b. Applicants who select the LRP may still qualify for SB, ACASP and/or HGB

if eligible. REQUEST will determine the availability. Applicant may receive the

LRP or ACF but not both.


c. To qualify for the LRP, applicants must be NPS new contracts only with a

Tier 1 education credentials. LRP applicants must decline MGIB or Post 9-11 GI

Bill enrollment on DD Form 2366. The maximum reimbursable loan amount is

$65,000. Loans that qualify for LRP are listed in UM 11-126. The TOS is

dictated by the parent MOS.


d. Applicants selecting the LRP as an enlistment option will be briefed by

the GC IAW AR 601-210, 9-9 (3).


e. LRP is suspended for all NPS OCS/WOFT applicants.







I beat it by six days :D

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Yea, you are in your own home every night of the rest of the flight school process except the 21 day SERE course. That course is total lockdown. You will go to SERE after BOLC. Then you will start aeromed and flying, and flying, and more flying.

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