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Greetings all, and thank you for this wonderful resource.


There's a bit of a lengthy story, but I'll condense it to be as readable as necessary for a forum post. At 17 I joined the Army with a Ranger contract, I went through boot camp and most of infantry school. However, before completion, I was having some back pain which they discovered to be mild thoracic Scoliosis. The medical professionals thought it was caused by the gear, and consequently I was discharged because I had only been in 3 months. It was not a MEDICAL separation, it was a general "administrative" separation with a re-entry code of 3.


I spent a year trying to get back in, and they wouldn't take the RE3 code / admin separation. Alternatively, I enlisted into the Navy - this took meeting with congressmen, fighting the discharge board, 6 letters of recommendation, physical therapy and building a solid medical profile, numerous waivers *none for lawful discipline*, and a lot of work.


I signed on as an IT. I had been trying to go SPECWAR for years - I always thought flying, my initial dream, was out of reach because I was never an academic, nor did I possess a degree. The trial and error of my past though, has taught me that anyone is capable of anything, and I will do anything to fly for the military.


At this point I've gone through 2 bootcamps, 2 tech schools (infantry school, IT school). I possess a security clearance that is valid for 4 more years, my APFT score is at about 300. I'm currently studying for the AFAST, but I'm confident I will do well on it. I don't possess a degree, but I am attending a university.


Here's my biggest current hurdle - I've never personally met anyone in aviation, and I have no Army aviation POC's. I am stationed in Hawaii, so I know that there is an aviation regiment at Schofield barracks - but I don't know how to approach them without looking disrespectful.


As far as the medical past goes - I passed a dive physical and have been cleared for SPECWAR and "any and all military duty" by 6 medical professionals / surgeons, 2 of which are military doctors, and 1 is a special operations doctor. BUMED is the agency that cleared me, and I think that package will help with a flight physical.


The biggest question comes down to - how do I go about getting LOR from Army officers/WO's without coming off as disrespectful or aggressive? I'm only an E2, and I don't have a degree, but I know I can build a competitive package and continue to try and try again. I am extremely ambitious and motivated, and when I have my eyes set on something I will exhaust all resources to achieve my goal.


Here are some quick useful facts,

AFAST - Not yet taken (studying)

ASVAB - 78

GT Score - 115

Degree - Computer Science (in progress)

Lawful history - No lawful record military/civilian

Security clearance - Active

APFT - 300

Duty Station - Hawaii Pearl Harbor

Conditional Release - In progress (not fully approved yet)

LOR's - Currently searching for POC's

Vision - Natural 20/20, no color issues


If anyone has any questions that would further assist the process, I'll answer them immediately or I will search for the answer. Thank you for your time.

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