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Introductory Posting (More WOFT)

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Good evening, gentlemen and ladies.


First of all, allow me to say that I have a ton of appreciation for all the information those with experience have posted for those who care to read it.


I figured that I have lurked these boards long enough, and I had a few specific questions to ask, so I might as well introduce myself.


Relevant factsheet:



4 years (or it will be in a few months) serving honorably in the USMC

99 AFQT, 140 GT

LOR's in process from retired: Naval Aviator, Marine Corps Aviator, Naval Captain (great uncle), and potentially a retired Army Colonol (if he gets back to me) all of which I know in my personal life.

LASIK fixed my eyes about a year ago at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.



DUI as a civilian prior to the USMC, 2005. Estimated 5 Speeding/Traffic/Expired registration tickets between 2002-2004.

Misdemeanor 'Improper Conduct' for a prank at the age of 18 in 2002.

Basically some stupid, immature stuff that ended about 3 years before I became a Marine.



Scheduling a Flight Physical

Scheduling the AFAST

Not knowing if it's appropriate to have a LOR from a family member.

Not knowing which of the 3 angles I've written my "Why I Want to be an Army Aviator" essay is best

Never being off work at the same time any Army Recruiter in a 100 mile radius of Camp Pendleton is working.

Waiting on the Command to sign my DD368



Coincidentally, most of my frustrations line up precisely with my questions. If anyone has any experience with a situation similar to mine, I would greatly appreciate the input.


Also, If anyone has any tips on taking the full length photo in/out of uniform, how best to adjust from the USMC PFT to the APFT (beyond just DOING the APFT/targeting the exercises... I'm talking technique), info on the new flight tests and the new APFT, and any other miscellany that you wished someone had told you about before you jumped into this process, I would welcome that, too.


Beyond that, I've been driving tractors for the last 4, and would love to spread my (rotating) wings ASAFP.


My time online is sporadic at best, but I try to get on as much as I can.

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I understand that these posts are a dime a dozen, but if anyone would like to speak from their own experiences/viewpoint, I would love to hear it.



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I am also in the process of completing my WOFT packet (nearing the end).


Ill do my best to answer some of your questions.

1. Recruiter usually schedules this. It is possible to schedule it by your self (not exactly sure how to do this), and it may be easier for you since you are on base a lot. in my experience it took 2 months to schedule than another 1 1/2 wait, which is not normal to any extent.


2. Recruiter schedules AFAST.


3. I was told not to have LOR from family, instead to have a mix of people that know you very good (pastor, manager etc) and high authority figures (CW5, mayor, principal etc).


4. This is a personal letter about why you want to be an army aviator/ why you are qualified to do so. Make sure you have a typed one page essay and a written one page essay (which may take a while, be neat and professional) of the "Why I Want To Be An Army Aviator" paper.


5. I am not an enlisted soldier. However would you be able to take leave time off to visit with them? it would suck doing paper work and test on your vacation time, but it is your future/ career and if selected will pay off two fold. Just a suggestion.


6. Again not an enlisted soldier. you could you keep on reminding them and "pester" them if you will until they sign it, just don't piss them off to much.


Study Study Study for the AFAST until you take it, go out and get a good study book for it and memorize the complex movement section, buy the Rotorcraft flying handbook and read through it. Once you pass this test you can never retake it, so it is in your best interest to get the best possible score. I learned the hard way on this, dont take the studying lightly!


The Army APFT consist of a,

2 mile run

2 minutes of pushups

2 minutes of sit-ups


The only technique I can think of is on the sit-ups, it has been mentioned before on this site. When coming back down dont be afraid to bounce your body on the ground, coming down slow only makes you tire your abs out. Your not working out so let your body bounce off the ground and you will get a way better score.


I believe you will need a waiver for the DUI, and you may need a waiver for the other tickets depending on if they exceeded $250 not including court cost. Do not try to hide anything because they do a thorough security clearance background check. It will be in your best interest to start on the security clearance forum right away (keep a copy of it also), since it can take a while to fill out. Also you only have to wait six months after eye surgery to apply so you should be fine there, although I would talk with an Army doctor to make sure the type of surgery you got is "OK" for Army flight training. Your GT score is awesome. you may have already known some of the things mentioned above, If so just ignore those parts. Also thank you for your service Sir.



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Bouncing? I've heard a little about that, the Army's situps have been a lot harder on my lower back than USMC crunches ever were.


I am probably going to have to submit for leave to take care of my AFAST/flight physical. I should try to get it all knocked out in one leave period.


I have my SF86 already filled out...


Other than that, the viewpoint on the essay is helpful. Does anyone have any experience with a DD 368 on this? It just got kicked back to me from my S-1 (admin section) and I need to fill out an AA form... NAVMC 10274... I have zero experience with these.

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While I haven't been selected, I have been trying to finish a packet for 8 months now.


I required a moral waiver for some foolishness that happened when I was younger, wish made my recruiter not want to submit my packet at all because he doesn't think I have a shot now.


The Army sees the initial charge when they do the background check, and that is what they go by. For instance, I had an Underage drinking charge, that was dropped to a fine. So I need a Moral Waiver for the Underage.


It may be different for prior service, but like Heli said, I would start on the background check ASAP.


Very nice AFQT and Letter's of Rec. Good luck to you Sir

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Test your grader and see what you can get away with for your pushups and situps. Some guys are strict about full range of movement while others let you get away with doing less.


The perfect pushup on a PT test is one where your grader advises you to go a little lower but still counts the rep.

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Just like the perfect pullup for the Marine Corps is when they tell you to make sure your arms are fully extended but still count the rep =P


Can anyone tell me what the typical running I'll see in WOCS and WOFT is like? 0-dark-30 5-8 miles every morning? 3 days a week? Any gym time? Obstacle courses? Team building exercises? Log carries? I'd like to get an idea where I can adjust my PT for the right balance. I'm not ashamed to say that I want the number one spot in the order of merit. PT is normally what I have to work the hardest at, due to the fact that I seem to have an easier time carrying heavy crap than running a marathon.

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We ran at least 3 days a week in WOCS. Usually one long run of about 5 miles per week. We ran with armor once. We ran stairs, sprints on hills, etc. No gym time. One day of grass drills (suck) and one day of rifle PT (also suck). WOC Olympics on Saturdays (fun).


PT in flight school varies. When you are in a hold status or between phases you will PT with Bco. Lately its been running pretty much every day (when I did it last). When you are in an active flight class, there isnt organized PT.

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The only thing you caught me by surprise on was the active flight school status not having organized PT.


How about volume/type of information? Should I expect a lot of math-based physics? Rote memorization of systems/capabilites? Concept-based flight theory?


I'm going to tentatively assume that the Army views training in much the same respect as the USMC does and they want to pump you as full of as much information as they can within as short a period of time as they can manage in order to push you out into operational units.


Any sort of heads up on that would be appreciated too.


Also, thank you guys for being so responsive and informative.

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