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Anyone know how to input lat & long into skyvector under the flight plan function? I put the coordinates in where it says "enter waypoints" but it does not work.


I like using skyvector for quick flight planning (of course not my only source of planning) and in my current job I get alot of coordinates. Appreciate the help!

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Thanks, just tried it.

It will take decimal degrees with or without ° symbol;

Or degrees w/ °, minutes w/ ', and seconds w/ ";

And converts into degrees and decimal minutes as follows- 34°18.75'N83°46.78'W.

No spaces, N/S or E/W follows coordinates.


Being a dummy and not remembering where symbols live on my keyboard, I right click GPS position on the chart, ctl c the gps coords (just to get " ° ") and then ctl v into the pop-up after clicking the "Flight plan" button, then edit the copied coords to what I want...


It won't print a course line, however. Oh well, not for nav anyhow.

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I did your method and it works perfectly, even with the Course line, just put the N/S, W/E at the end of coordinates and it gives you the Course line!



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