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Seasoned Advice Robinson R22 Beta II MR Blades


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Looking for some seasoned advice...have a Beta II about 100 hrs away from overhaul. MR blades will have 1000 hrs remaining (spindles will be run out)


Question 1 Field overhaul or factory overhaul?


Question 2 Is there a market home or abroad for these used blades or would you just fly them out and keep the new blades on standby just in case till these are runout and or are AD'd?


Thoughts? Also looking for experience and/or recommendations on a field overhaul facility....

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Definitely keep them, and go field OH - if you go factory, you will be buying some new blades.


You don't have to buy the full OH kit, the shop of your choice can order a kit without blades.


No point having new blades lying around either, who knows what AD they will come up next. It might turn your new blades to scrap metal before you ever fit them.

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Definitely run the blades out. If you would like, feel free to shoot me an e-mail for a quote on a 2200 HR Field Overhaul kit. We order more Robinson kits than anyone and can likely beat any price you will find at your local SC. We also have an overhaul facility located in central california if you would like to do a fly-in...nothing like landing at the service center for overhaul as the meter hits 2200.


You should definitely consider placing the kit order soon, lead times have gotten longer from the factory- currently 8-10 weeks.

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