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300C Collective Rivets

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So on the slotted piece that the collective slides up and down on there are 4 rivets a little more than 3/4's the way toward the top. When you slide the collective up, you will eventually feel it pass those two sets of rivets and then you have about another inch of collective travel at the top. What are those rivets there for?

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The collective pitch friction guide has 4 rivets that provide a "limit feel" to the collective to warn of excessive collective pitch to preclude exceeding manifold pressure limits. If the friction is too tight it may be a little difficult to pull full pitch during full down exercises.


This guide can be modified by completing service bulletin N-117.2 (Dual RPM and quiet operation configuration) This modification allows the 300C to operate in the 2800-2900 rpm range and provides increased collective pitch control at reduced rotor speed.

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Most schools with 300s wouldnt have it in their service bulletins book as it is an optional modification that mostly police depts used...but it is available on sikorsky360 if your mechanic has an account...I'm traveling right now and on the iPad..I can't get the zip file to dl....ill attach it on Monday when I get home if someone else hasn't already.

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