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R44 possbible pilot slot


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I want to sart getting some names in a pool. I may need to have a replacement pilot for myself. I fly for the owner. It would be best if you're a CFI. An A&P is a big help but doesn't rule you out if you are not.

My opinion of what will work best: Relax - just be a good safe pilot. You might be a new Captian but you need to be strong enough to tell the owner NO when you need to. Probably best if you are single, able to be happy with simple lifestyle (small towns). Not looking for partiers. Not looking for "cowboys". Cowgirls are ok!


Here is how we go forward: Email me with your contact info. I do not need a long resume. Just send flight info. This is not a done deal yet so don't get too excited.


Location is in Penn. area. This may not be a quick turn-around so be patient.



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Hi Jeff,


Please don’t take offence to this reply as it’s intended to assist you with your endeavor.


If you want to attract the right people for your pool maybe your post should read something like this;


A possible upcoming opportunity may be available for R44 Pilots within the Pennsylvania area. This is a pilot position for the owner of the helicopter. Therefore, a CFI rating is preferred as well as an A&P certificate.


This position is a low stress position with an emphasis on safety. However, Pilot In Command authority is expected when flying with the owner. This position has no minimum hour requirement but the upmost professionalism is expected. This position is suited for a person with no attachments and a rural, quiet, country type of living condition.


Please PM me with a brief resume summery along with your contact information. While this position is still under consideration, no expectations are guaranteed.


Thank you for your interest and I look forward from hearing from you. Have a great day.


For whatever reason, I’m feeling warm and fuzzy at the moment cuz, I could have been rewritten this in a completely different context. But, I didn’t..... Have a good night and good luck....


Just a suggestion, there is a “Helicopter Jobs” feature on this website…………..

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Gee, there are some people in this forum, that you know that you even get excited when you see that they have posted on a topic, because you know they pretty much always have something useful/smart/clever thing to say!


Spike is definitely one of these people...


I liked your suggestion Spike a lot, but you left the cowgirls part out....


To the OP: I apologize for the nothing-to-contribute post to your topic.

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I liked your suggestion Spike a lot, but you left the cowgirls part out....


Thanks for the compliment….


I wasn’t sure of the context between “cowboy” and/or “cowgirl” reference in the original post so I left it out….. Otherwise, I could have spun that one waaaay out there….

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