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Off-Topic Forum Request

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I'm trying to keep mostly helicopter stuff here. I do have the General Rumors forum under the 'As the Rotor Turns' Category. I wouldn't mind if you placed a few off helo topics here but we'll try to keep it all helicopter.


It's all about bandwidth. I'm already getting overage charges because we have so many people visiting the site. This is good but we should keep it all helicopter if we can.



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What about a forum for Helicopter Books & Movies (for discussing stuff other than POHs and King videos)?


For instance, I just watched "Straight Up: Helicopters in Action" and bought "Bonnie-Sue: A Marine Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam" to read. Where do I post comments and questions about that?


Thanks, Rey, for making this site happen, BTW!



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I think you could just post that topic idea on the general forum and generate a lot of response. The main forum is for "anything related to helicopters" and that would fit!


Thanks for the comments. I hope this site helps us all out.



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