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Opinions on the better helicopter flight schools on the east and west coast, preferably those that accept GI Bill or military tuition assistance

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How many years do you have exactly til your EAOS?


If you checked with your command, we can guarantee they would NOT allow someone who is currently active duty to engage in an inherently dangerous activity.


In your situation, having an MS, you would have to take some college courses to benefit from the POST-911. Already having a degree, your training could be accomplished in one calendar year, otherwise it could take 18 months. This is PPL to CFI-I.



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I've 7 hours of instruction and I am still active duty. It all depends on how in your business your command is. My garrison CSM and I had a conversation about it and he thought it was fantastic.


I guess it would depend on the command, some commands do not allow someone to take college courses, keeping in mind mission comes first, of course.


Were you able to use Tuition Assistance, or was it out of pocket?

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It was out of pocket, military (at least Army) TA only covers college courses.


I am curious about how it would work with some of these college programs that the labs are flying at a local school... that might be a way around it... where the money goes to the school and the lab has a course number but the money goes into your flight account. (you only get $4500 per fiscal year anyways)


No command will prohibit you from taking college, If they are they won't get away with it if you make a fuss. TA is a military entitlement, just as your housing, food and clothing allowances are.

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