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Robinson Helicopter R22 main rotor blade delamination


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I operate a Helicopter Training School in South Africa, and we have recently discovered that the one stainless steel main Rotor blade is delaminating .

The Helicopter is 4 years old but only done 243 hours of flight .

Can anyone advise me how we can claim for a pro rata replacement of the blade ?

Robinson Helicopters have offered us a 50 % discount on 2 blades, if we return both blades to them . The cost excessive for us , as we have to pay for the transport and new parts and new spindles .

I do feel thar Robinson Helicopters should cover the cost of this in proportion to the hours we have flown, and one of the blades is still in satisfactory condition ?

The Helicopter has been in a Hangar all its life, and has, for the majority of the time been in a dry and non corrosive area .

Can anyone advise me how I can proceed with a claim ?


Thanks ,



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Andy- I do not disagree with you, however Robinson did come out with the newer blades to get away from the SS ones. At least the new blades that you buy at 50% off will offer some better performance than the old ones. (They have a wider chord).


Also, I thought there were a few places out there that could re-use the spindles and bearings if they are still like new. I thought Leading Edge Aviation in Oregon still could do that. Might be worth a call.

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