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I passed my CFI check ride last month and just wanted to give some future applicants and instructors a heads up on some things I experienced. If your school or program has a Flight Training Device or a Flight Simulator, know what level it is, and there should be an LOA visible in the Sim for that device (If for 141 school, must have LOA approved for that school's specific 141 curriculum and specific manuevers approved for the curriculum). ADM ADM ADM! A huge emphasis area for any check ride. The FAA wants to see that pilots use ADM for everything. Include ADM in first or second ground lesson and introduce students early to ADM. Incorporate ADM into every ground lesson, and every flight. Be able to ask the examiner "Correlative" level questioning. This seems easy until you have never done it before. But it's something that should be practiced before your ride. Add on courses and Add on ratings. Be able to look at the PTS (Add on Matrix) and (if using a syllabus) your syllabus, and be able to take out the non-required task areas to create your own add on syllabus.


Obviously each examiner is different but I just wanted to give future applicants (and CFI's) an idea of things I experienced. From start to finish my ride was about 12 hours. We did take numerous 5 min. breaks and an hour lunch, so all together it was only about an 8 hour oral and a 1.2 hour flight.


Hope this helps

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JJ, great info.


A few months ago I made a post here about upcoming PTS changes and the inclusion of Single pilot Resource Management (SRM) and a judgment matrix. On the helicopter side it can be found in the IFR & CFII PTSs but will soon appear in EVERY PTS.


I am on the IHST, Joint International Helicopter Safety Implementation Team's training work group with input and insight into the coming changes in the CFI-RH and RH-Pvt & RH-Comm PTSs.


Single pilot Resource Management (SRM) elements include Aeronautical Decision Making, Risk Management, Task Management, Situational Awareness, Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) & Automation Management. These are the six elements from the FAA Industry Training Standards Scenario Based Training (FITS) Methodology Concept of SRM.


DPEs are being re-evaluated under 8900.1 change 200 and will be instructed/trained to apply the PTS guide lines on Single pilot Resource Management (SRM). Kudos to your Examiner.


I attended the NTSB 2 day conference on GA accidents and training on June 19 & 20, 2012. The importance of ADM & SRM were discussed as being of primary importance and introduced on all first lessons even if minimally and shown by CFI example. Also discussed were the deficiencies in initial training requirements for CFI applicants and the responsibility of the industry to provide modern training methodologies and better prepare CFIs to teach Single pilot Resource Management (SRM) & Aeronautical Decision Making ADM).


Accident reduction is being addressed through acknowledgement that our current system is antiquated and must be updated. Does anyone today want to use a phone that is still corded to the wall? The same mentality is being applied to training reform. Concepts like Safety Culture and Safety Management Systems are not just buzz words. The industry is serious about producing better pilots. Many of you that are beginning training now will have safer careers.





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Congrats on passing your CFI. It's great that you're taking an active role in your position and are receptive to new ideas and how the helicopter industry is changing its training standards and procedures. There are too many CFIs out there who only want to get their hours so they train to the minimum standards, which don’t do these new guys any favors. Always strive to be an even better instructor than the one you had as a student, pass on good information and changes and do your flight school proud. Sounds like you're already on the right track. Good Job.

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SRM = Single pilot Resource Management.


See Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Chapter 17.


See Helicopter Flying Handbook Chapter 14.



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