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Commercial driver need for a Utility company


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Hey all,


sorry if this is in the wrong place, i honestly looked around for a better one but couldn't find it.


i got a call from a good friend yesterday, he is looking for a crew member for his spray company. the candidate would need a commercial drivers lic and be willing to travel extensively across the south with the flight crew.


this would be a temporary position with a VERY GOOD established company and could turn into a flying job after time on the ground (a year or so if you fit). Then after a year of flying for him you could even end up carded and flying fires.


this is one of the routes the right person can take to skip CFI and go right to work with a commercial pilots license, i don't recommend that path to many folks because it limits your options and i think, no, i know, that you become a much better pilot when you teach for a year or so.


if you have a commercial drivers lic and are interested send me a pm here: dp@coloradoheliops.com


you don't need a RW license to get the job, but it would certainly help and could lead to a flying job.



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Dennis, Thanks for posting. It looks like I will be working for them starting in two weeks if I clear their driver's insurance. No tickets or DUI's should be noproblem.

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I bet he'll earn it.


I'm sure he will but in my experience those jobs equaled $12-15/ an hour and your really had to earn that. The overtime made it pay off but it still wasn't as good as yzchopper's gettin'.



Now that someone has the job, can we ask where it is? Who is it with? yzchopper, I see you're in Basin City, WA so I'm curious. I'm from and have done some ag work in Eastern WA.

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If it's anything like the work I've been doing (which is the same thing... Driver/loader) I will earn it. While working for my current boss I had lost 31lbs in less than 6wks on the job. It's great physical work. I like it. Love to fly helicopters too.

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The job is in the region of LA. I would rather not say just yet who it is until I have officially started working there. I'm currently working about 1 mile from my house, but the experience pay and I will be getting will benefit my flying career in the near future and to make it worth my while to be away from my family for 3-5 months at a time.

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The company is probably thrilled to have someone solid in the position. In my experience loader-drivers don't last a long time and aren't very dependable. It's hard to find people for seasonal work who are qualified for over the road driving where they can make better money.


In this case, to have a driver who could move up in the program is a big plus, not to mention having someone who has their head in the game and a reason to be dedicated.


Sounds like they're serious about keeping people around, if they're paying as advertised. Nice find.

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