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"Little Book of Autorotations"


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To All,


As a member of the Joint Helicopter Safety Implementation Team's training work group, I can tell you that many experienced pilots are working at reducing accidents during autorotation training.


We are producing "fact sheets", AC's, a new CFI handbook and revised PTSs.


Today, Shawn Coyle released his "Little Book of Autorotations" via Amazon Kindle! It costs $9.99 and is worth it. I know it will be available in print later.


Shawn had previously submitted some info for one of the IHST fact sheets that will be published.


Pilots in Training, CFIs and any pilot wanting to learn a new and correct perspective on autos should acquire and absorb this material.


Those of you attending Heli Success will get some info from Randy Rowles on CFI intervention during autorotation training events.


So, while the IHST and other industry entities are working hard to make training better and safer, you can "Own" your training and participate to the fullest at your end.


On another note, I will be speaking at the Robinson factory for the PHPA Safety Seminar on September 8, 2012. It is a "Wings" event and credit will be given. Info is at www.phpa.org or www.faasafety.gov.


Best wishes,



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Here is a link to Shawn's site where the book can be purchased when released.




And a description of the contents.


The Little Book of Autorotations by Shawn Coyle

Coming Soon: A new book for helicopter pilots, “The Little Book of Autorotations”, is coming soon!


Written by test pilot Shawn Coyle, the author of “Cyclic and Collective” and a regular columnist for Vertical Magazine, “The Little Book of Autorotations” covers the practical aspects of autorotation — “no theory, and no vector diagrams, but what you’ll see in the cockpit.” Geared toward students and flight instructors, with lots of hints for instructors, the book builds from pre-flight briefings to specific flight exercises that ensure students understand each element before proceeding to the next stage. It emphasizes looking out the window and learning to judge variables, as opposed to making the “right” numbers happen.


“The Little Book of Autorotations” also has a unique chapter on descending from greater-than-normal heights in order to show the effects of changing airspeed and turning — effectively tripling the amount of time students would get in autorotations during normal practice. The book also covers the variations in technique possible in order to arrive at a specific spot, and how to use a low-cost simulator in order to learn the fundamentals. Additionally, the book covers the height-velocity curve in great detail — both what it means and what it doesn’t mean.





Edit: adding the Amazon link for the Kindle edition.



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Errata notice! I communicated with Shawn's people yesterday about an error in the Kindle edition.


Chapter 19, in the first paragraph, the last sentence you will read two "cannot"s. The first one is correct and the second one should read "can"!


He is trying to correct this in the printed edition not yet available.


Best wishes,




8/30/2012 11:20AM from Shawn



Thanks very much for a very sharp eye!!! Not sure how this slipped by as the words are exactly the same as an article that appeared in Vertical and no-one caught it there.

Well done!!!



8/30/2012 11:25 from Shawn


Certainly not too later for print version. Working on the Kindle version as we 'speak'.

Print version by next week.


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