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Columbia Helicopters crewman position


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Haven't called them up yet to inquire about the job, but Columbia Helicopters has a job positing for a crewmember position in Afghanistan. It's located under Current Openings, and then Flight Operations. Sounds like they are mainly looking for Veterans or previous contractors with experience overseas. Job would be in charge of passengers in and around the aircraft, as well as working with cargo loads. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this type of job is flying from base to base, transporting people and cargo. Would be a good foot in the door for anybody working up through the flight school chain, and especially with pilot ratings; Could lead to a SiC job back in the states if all works out. Not sure of a work schedule (maybe 60 days on, 30 days off?), or pay out, but the Government loves dishing money out to contractors. Would easily be looking at $100,000+.




  • Attending daily pre and post flight briefings
  • Assist pilot in command in preflight of cabin areas
  • Handling and briefing the passengers
  • Loading, securing and unloading cargo
  • Assist pilots with load manifest preparation
  • Maintain safety and security of cabin during normal and emergency situations
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Knowledge of FAA regulations Part 91 and 135
  • Understanding of aircraft weight and balance and limitations
  • Experience operation in Afghanistan/Iraq
  • Qualified and current in first aid and survival techniques
  • Ability to obtain US government secret clearance
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment, create focus in areas of poor scope definition or where there are issues, and be solution oriented but committed to consistency and process.
  • Ability to work under minimal direction while keeping within the limitations of designated authorities and abilities while frequently exercising regular use of good judgment
  • Conduct oneself in accordance with Company’s Core Values
  • Must meet International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as a U.S. Person

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One thing to keep in mind with this job... If you do it to get your foot in the door and don't have 1200-1500 pic time your shooting yourself in the foot.


Remember when flying heavies you can't log pic time unless your type rated. I know 2 people in that situation. Went to fly sic with 500 hours and 4 years later there still 500 hours. There's no chance to get type rated and they can't get a 135 job since they only have 500 hours. Just something to think about.

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That contract is a 28/28 or 30/30 rotation, I cannot remember what they are doing these days. I believe pay is less that $150k. A few former BV107 crew chiefs from Columbia Helicopters left their Afghanistan contract to come to the contract I'm currently working on. The downside is most of their operations, from what I see, are out of FOB Shank, probably one of the worst FOBs in the country to be put at.

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Good ol Shank! I was there waaayyyy before they put in the runway. It wasn't half bad then. Can't imagine what it's like now.


When it comes to indirect fire attacks, it's the hottest base I've been to. The IDF attacks were the most dangerous/close proximity.

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First off, not sure they are really looking to hire now as things in Afghan are winding down. The current rotation is 5 weeks on 4 weeks off for cabin crew. Not exactly sure of the pay but the numbers being thrown around on this thread are a little on the high side.


Also Shank is not the only base CHI operates out of.


The position could be a "small" foot in the door for a future pilot position for the right person I suppose, but you would not be able to fly the aircraft or log any flight time.

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