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Intro/Interested in WOFT

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I used this template from the ArmyOCS website. I thought it was a pretty good template to use when making an intro and providing enough information about myself so that others could answer any questions I may have based on what I have provided below.


1) Username – Jay1829


2) Hometown – Momence, IL


3) Military Experience - None


4) Age - 29


5) School – Liberty University


6) Major – Criminal Justice


7) Minor – Business Administration


8) Progress Towards Graduation – Graduated May of 2012


9) GPA – 3.6


10) Sports – Tennis, Volleyball, Occasional Backyard Football


11) Activities – Walking/Running local park trails, Bicycling, and Tennis when I can get someone to play against.


12) APFT –


13) Why I Want to be a Army Officer – I want to be a part of something larger than myself. I do not have the desire to work at a typical 9 to 5 job. I enjoy challenges and in my opinion, being an Army Officer is a position that would meet all of the expectations that I look for in a career. I want a career that is honorable and I want to make my family, friends and country proud. My main goal is to leave my mark on future generations.


14) Possible Branch Interest (i.e. Infantry, Aviation, Signal Corps) – Aviation


15) Current Progress Towards Application – In the process of finding out more information about WOFT before I see a recruiter.


16) Component Applying For (Regular Army, Army Reserve, National Guard) – Regular Army WOFT Program


17) Additional Comments – Other background information that might or might not be of value for selection as an Army Officer:


1. I have been an Auxiliary Police Officer for Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department from 2005-2008. After making the choice to attend college full time along with a full time work schedule, I was no longer able to volunteer adequate amounts of time for the department. I was asked, under good terms, if I would resign in order to make room on the full roster for new recruits who held an interest to get a fill for police work.


2. I held a senior position for a previous job where I was entrusted with the responsibility of training new employees. I was also giving the responsibility to preform closing duties when regular scheduled managers were not able to come in that day or were on vacation


3. I have had the opportunity to be a game time leader for kids in our local church AWANA group


4. I was the captain of a paintball team that I organized during and for a few years after high school.


5. I am a member of TAU SIGMA National Honors Society for my freshmen year and a member of Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society for my senior year. I was on the Dean's List three out of the 4 semesters I attended Liberty University and graduated Cum Laude.


With all of the information that I could think of on the table, I wanted to know what my chances would be for getting selected, what I need to work on, and what types of information I might need to know about WOFT. I am currently 6lbs over the weight limit, but losing that shouldn’t be a problem. I have started running more and I can do 35 pushups in a minute and 31 set ups in a minute. I have not timed my run yet though. What I have learned so far from everyone's postings that I have had the opportunity to read through is that finding a recruiter to work with you can be extremely difficult. You basically have take care of the packet on your own and I'm looking to start that process as soon as possible.


Thank you for your time and information,



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