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(Intro myself)ex- Navy Crew Chief 4 WOFT-(Stats/background &??'s regarding SIFT)

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I have been reading these boards past few months, time to introduce myself......


I just turned 30yrs old. Former E-5 C2 Greyhound crewchief & powerplant/jet mechanic. In the Navy, aircrewman pull double duty.....we fly but we also do PLENTY of maintenance. I have apprx 900hrs flight time as a back seater. I wanted to finish college and go back to the navy as "O' pilot but i passed the age cut-off.


As of this past June, I walk in to the recruiters office with a packet that was almost complete besides AFAST , med physicals, and Board. I really had everything...LORs(4) , transcipts , professional pic(s), dd-214, security packet, etc etc. and was ready to go to MEPS to take my AFAST and 1st physical. My ASVAB score was over 110 in the GT section, so i didn't need to take another ASVAB.

NOW THE GOOD STUFF, LOL Here i am, in September and have yet to take any test or physical. Long story short, it took about 6-7 Weeks to get my PRK(done while i was in the NAVY) approved before i could go to MEPS. It was a mess , problem after problem...but that finally got approved by the 3rd week of JULY which is when i find out about the change to SIFT ......my recruiter went on leave as well, so then i had a week for that. He then tells me that i wouldn't have time to do all the stuff needed(AFAST test,2 physicals, batt board) by sept. 30th..... So he tells me to wait til OCT 1st so i can take the SIFT test& 1st physical. Soo thats where im at..... he didnt want to even send me up for a physical or anything in the mean time. He just wants me to wait.


Here are my stats so far


30yrs old


Prior service- NAVY (E-5) 5 years active duty (aviation background as stated above)


High School - Graduated



UNLV student (Mech. Engineering)

84 credits in my major (100+ credits total which include my stuff from the military and other colleges)



PRK- done by the Navy



LOR(s)- (4 total)

(1) Commander rank O-5 (2) Lt.Commander rank O-4 (1) Chief petty officer retired rank E-7



AFPT- did not complete yet, but i have done a practice test recently...i am probably about a 230 right now, im going to keep working out and hopefully improve on that a little bit.



Clean record as a civilian



sooo, besides the fact that the SIFT will be like the NAVY astb test.....anyone have any solid info???

I called CWO Cook, from the userec website/special message that was put out......he said that they MAY or MAY NOT be putting out some guidelines about the new test in a couple weeks! I dont get it....were supposed to take this test in 3 weeks from now, but we have no hard info on what to study besides basic helicopter knowledge.



I guess all of us who are taking this test next month are kinda un-lucky and hopefully it wont hurt us....because i can't imagine the scores being great for the first batch of people taking it. Well see.....


I guess if i never had those issues with my PRK paperwork, then i could of taken the AFAST ....... to late now, time to get ready for SIFT. As of yesterday, my recruiter said i will be taking it the apprx OCT 2nd or 3rd. Any info, links, inside info, or anything else on this SIFT is greatly appreciated!

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Nice to get to know you.


No info on the SIFT, but a few other suggestions if you want them...


I would pursue finding a couple of Army aviators to get you LOR count up to six. The ones you have look pretty solid but you are applying for the Army and (I assume) the board would like to see what other Army personnel think of you. Try to find the nearest active aviation unit, make some calls and see if you can score an interview with a CW4+ and a O4+ for the letters. Again, it is suggested these are from the aviation branch.


By the stats you have listed your APFT appears to be the weakest link. You need to push to get as close to 300 as your body will allow in the shortest amount of time. Increasing your score "a little bit" is not going to cut it. You probably shouldn't follow the program he outlines at this point, but read "Dinosaur Training" by Brooks Kubik. It is available for free in .pdf format if you look for it. He will vividly describes the type of motivation and hard work it takes to get physically fit. It’s a nice motivator, worked for me anyway.


My $0.02, take it or leave it. Good luck, and let us know what you find out about the SIFT. It is the elephant in the room, and we are all curious.

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I am in same situation, packet is about 80 percent done but unfortunately my recruiter couldn't get me a flight physical until sep. 24 so my packet will not be deemed board ready before 1 oct. long story short I'll be taking sift test as well, let me know how yours goes and what to look for, I plan on taking it early nov.

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