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FRASCA Flight Training Device needed


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Hey All,

i have a friend at a good flight school that is looking for a flight simulator. If you know where there are any used FRASCAs please send me a pm (this brings back good memories as the last time i posted this question Drew found us two FRASCAs for a really good deal in Dallas, we bought them both four days later).

No flyits please.

Would consider another Merlin, we have one that emulates a turbine and it's pretty sweet. The platform is pretty obscure but it works well and has great resolution. Its a bit slower than the FRASCAs but it's still a viable ftd in my humble opinion. It also takes a bit more attention to keep working but that's probably because the folks that had it before us didn't take care of it, it was a basket case and took a couple of months to straighten out. The FRASCAs that we have never fail... and we fly one almost every single day, on Saturdays it will run for six or eight hours non stop.

Also, there was a post here a few days ago about upgrading a Flyit, i have a friend that can tune most sims up, and bring them to another level, send me a pm and i'll forward your info to him.

thanks much,






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Hey everybody, it was pointed out to me that some upgrades may need to be approved.. this is true, but some do not. We have not made any changes to our sims but i know others that have and had them approved. I do not know what it takes to get them approved after upgrades, but the guy i know can and does do this stuff.



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