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Received my email for Phase 1 DL of WOCS today

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I received my email from ATRRS telling me to sign up for the Phase 1 DL portion of WOCS today. For those who don't know this is the online part of WOCS that can be completed for those enlisted who have completed WLC and attend the 5 week course.


The funny part is that my 1SGT also gets the email and in the email it said I had a report date of 1 OCT and the location stated Fort Rucker. He found me in the hallway and was like hey man get to Battalion S1 right now and start clearing, I got your orders you report next week. Im like wait wtf? There is no way...


So after everyone in my chain of command, including myself, had minor heart attacks I looked at the email and noticed it was the online portion, and not the actual date for Phase 2 WOCS. I haven't even received my RFO yet...


Just goes to show you how on edge everyone is about me now.

Now the Command Sergeant Major is in the loop and wants answers as to when Im leaving right now.


Ive emailed every single person I have found that has anything to do with the Aviation side. Recruiter, Proponent, Accessions Branch LTC, Accessions Branch CW5, and the CW5 who did my LOR. I even called the AGR Accessions Branch for Aviation.


Nobody returns my calls or replies to my emails. I was given an email address for Accessions Branch by the CW5 that I know. I shot them an email but they don't have an actual phone number to call. My 1SGT said he needs a number to contact by pretty much tomorrow. I told him that I honestly don't know what to give him.


Every single person in my Company is asking me for a report date or at least an estimate. They told me there has to be some way to find out besides waiting for the RFO to arrive. I'm starting to believe them but I don't know who would have that info. Im bugging Branch but nobody is returning any calls or emails to me.


Any ideas guys?

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Hmmm, got an email today with an IERW course date scheduled for 4 days after I graduate WOCS...


A misprint perhaps? I thought BOLC, SERE, and the dunker came before IERW...


How can you have a graduation date for WOCS? I thought you were still waiting on a start date?


But either way, don't worry about it. I had emails telling me I was reserved in just about everything, before I left for WOCS. It didn't matter. It was more to reserve A spot in ATRRS, than to reserve THE spot, for the classes.

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Hmmm, they say the bubbles are gone. This wait might be a good thing. May want to use this time on 5 and 9 so you can just review it after WOCS. Get the flash cards, memorize 3 a day.


Well yeah but BOLC, SERE and the Dunker come before IERW. No time to do those with that schedule.


But its being said that the dates aren't locked in so I won't worry about it.

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