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Queation about inter-service to WOFT

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So here is my question. I'm active duty Air Force with a packet in for

WOFT. My recruiter said that since I'm not Army I will use the civilian

process. Ok, fair enough. The last military board results posted had 2

Airman on it. This had me wondering if I'm going before the correct board.

Also, I've seen inter-service to WOFT say they reported straight to WOOCS

without going to BCT(though my recruiter said he believed I would have to

go). Everyone selected through civilian WOFT will be going to BCT by

necessity because they have never been.


So my questions are:


1) Does anyone have any idea about my board situation, is my packet going

before the correct board?


2) Was I correct in inter-service doesn't have to go to BCT again?

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I'm not sure about the board question, but inter-service does not have to go through BCT again. At least they didn't last year. They showed up here at Rucker, went and got uniforms and gear, and hopped on the train.


I'm not sure why you would go to the civilian board either.

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I was prior AF and am going to go through BCT if selected.


Everyone I have seen that was an inter-service transfer was selected on a civilian board. The enlisted board is only for Regular Army Enlisted personnel.


AF has to go through BCT. The prior service that does not have to go through BCT are prior Army and Marines that have been out for less than 3 years. There used to be a Warrior Transition Course that AF, Navy and >3 year guys would go through but that was cancelled a few years back and replaced with BCT.


Edit: http://www.armytimes...c-again-032011/


The article above lists the regs if you wish to look them up...


Here is the USAREC Message:


From: Headquarters USAREC

To: All Recruiting Personnel



SUBJECT: Prior Service (PS) Officer Candidate School (OCS), Warrant Officer

Candidate School (WOCS/WOFT) Basic Combat Training (BCT) Requirement


1. THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE MESSAGE; deliver to all recruiting personnel.


2. This message is effective for two years from the date of message unless

rescinded or superseded.


3. References:


a. AR 601-210, Army Regulation 601-210, Regular Army and Army Reserve

Enlistment Program, (with operational changes), dated 18 March 2011.


b. ALARACT 085/2011 041623 MAR 11 SUBJECT: Army Directive 2011-02 Initial

Entry Training For Prior Service Personnel.


4. Purpose: To disseminate guidance regarding PS personnel who are scheduled

to attend OCS, WOCS and WOFT.


5. Effective immediately, OCS, WOCS or WOFT will no longer substitute as BCT

for PS personnel.


6. The following attendance policy applies to personnel accessing into the

Regular Army (RA) with PS in the Army, United States Marine Corps (USMC), Air

Force (USAF) Special Operations, Navy (USN) Special Operations or Personnel who

have completed an Army or USMC BCT:


a. PS personnel with less than three years break in service (BIS) will not

be required to attend Army BCT and can be scheduled for OCS, WOCS or WOFT only.


b. PS personnel with more than three years BIS must attend Army BCT prior

to attending OCS, WOCS or WOFT.


7. BIS as addressed in AR 350-1, Paragraph 3-25, is further clarified:


Military service (RA, Army National Guard (ANG), Army Reserve (AR), USMC,

and Special Operations Forces) includes time in the Individual Ready Reserve

(IRR) and BIS begins after the Military Service Obligation (MSO) ends.


8. PS personnel accessing into the RA with PS in the USAF, USN or Coast Guard

(excluding Special Operations Forces) who have not completed an Army or USMC

BCT, and regardless of length of BIS will attend Army BCT prior to arriving at



9. PS personnel accessing into the AR will follow the below guidelines

regardless of BIS.


a. PS personnel accessing into the AR who have completed Army or USMC BCT

are not required to complete Army BCT and can be scheduled for OCS, WOCS or WOFT



b. PS personnel accessing into AR with PS in the USAF, USN or Coast Guard

and/or who have not completed an Army or USMC BCT will attend BCT prior to OCS,



10. There are no grandfather periods with the publishing of this message. All

Delayed Status enlistments awaiting training must be renegotiated immediately in

order to comply with the guidance provided in this message. Additional

information on RENOs will be provided to the brigades.


11. Point of contact for this message through your chain of command is Policy

Branch at 1-800-688-9203, Option 3.

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No, that is odd. I hope for your sake you are on the civilian board for two reasons. The next AD board is not until Jan 13 and the selection rate has typically been much higher for civilian boards.

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I've never met a prior service AF guy who transferred straight over who had to go to BCT. I'm prior service AF, and I know a lot of other guys presently in school that went straight to WOCS without a Warrior Transition or Army BCT or being SF or security forces. It might depend on rank, since all were at least an E5.


AF E6 were even eligible to do the short WOCS course with distance learning since they had Airman Leadership School.


It very well could have changed in the last year and a half, but I've still never met someone who has gone to BCT for both the Army and the Air Force. Hopefully you guys get bumped past it after selection.

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I was prior AD USAF and did an interservice transfer. I went through the AD board. One day I was USAF, the next day I was USA. I did not go to BCT or WTC. I was one of the last guys that skated through the doors after the MILPER message came out requiring BCT. WOFTApp, the board is for all AD regardless of branch. I believe you went through the civilian process because you had a break in service. I literally got in my car, left WPAFB, and reported to Rucker the next day. Went to 1st WOCC, told them I was here, and was sent to clothing sales to recieve my issue (uniforms). I went to class with guys from all services including USCG that did the same thing.


That all being said, I have met AD Air Force guys that got here both ways (civilian and AD board), and don't see an issue either way as long as you have your conditional release in order.

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I am actually excited about the possibility of BCT. All of the hands on training appeals to me. The only reason I would want to go straight to WOCS would be to get a jump on flight training and get started on my career. I knew I would keep my rank, my question is do I wear it or just get the pay?

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The only reason I'm not crazy excited about it is that my 2 year isn't old enough to understand why Daddy is disappearing for 4 months, but I knew that was part of being in the Military so I guess it's just one of those things you just deal with.


WoftApp, I'd assume you would wear it. I'll just be an E-4 so I assume I'd be wearing Specialist.

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