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WOFT and Color Vision

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For anyone on here who is looking for information about color vision and WOFT eligability, I wanted to post some info that hopefully offers you some hope in applying.


Here is my situation: I have never been able to pass the PIP (circles with colored dots that you have to identify the numbers) but have held a waiver from the FAA that clears me for night flying on the civilian side. I went into the WOFT application process unsure of how this would impact me. I was up front with my recruiter about it and he didnt think it would be an issue. When I completed my MEPS physical, i failed the PIP and passed the alternate (FALANT) test. After that i started to research the regulations to see what this meant. From everything I found it looked like I would be able to get a flight physical approved by Ft. Rucker. I also passed all that information along to my recruiter to make sure i was looking at the more recent regs.


When i went for my flight physical, i again failed the PIP and passed the FALANT. The optometry office also did some other color vision evaluation, which i later learned was to determine if i was considered "color safe" or not. Aside from some some administrative mistakes that had to get cleared up, Ft. Rucker approved my flight physical. Then came the September USAREC board and the great news that i got selected.


When i went to MEPS to sign my contract and get my ship date, all of a sudden I was being told that my color vision would prevent me from enlisting, despite already being selected. There was A LOT of back and forth between me/my recruiter and MEPS, Ft. Rucker, and the flight surgeon who did my flight physical. What we kept being told was that i was not eligible to enlist but no one could point to a regulation that supported that claim. But i was able to point to multiple documents that showed i was eligible. At one point i was basically told to give it up (not by my recruiter but by people above him), but i refused to do that without being shown a regulation that said i was not eligible to enlist.


After talking to several warrant officer pilot friends, i decided to pursue my last option, go talk to my congressman. I went to his office and talked to the person that handles congressional inquiries. I explained the situation, brought copies of both my MEPS and approved flight physical, and the regulations i found showing i am eligible. They said they would pursue it and i would hear something one way or another. From what i was told, the outcome could go one of several different ways. But this was my last resort and I did not want to give this up without having tried every option available.


I got the call this week that the confusion has been cleared up and I am scheduled to go to MEPS next week to sign my contract. From what i was told, someone did not understand that in the case of WOFT the flight physical trumps the MEPS physical. I dont know if that is 100% accurate but makes sense. I will find out for sure if everything is cleared up when i go to sign next week, which will be a month after i found out i was selected.


I have attached the regulations that I found and that i used to support my position. If you find yourself in the same position in terms of your color vision, the most important thing is that your flight physical must state somewhere that you are determined to be "color safe". That is also outline in the ATB under the color vision section.


Like many other aspects of the WOFT application process, dont just accept something someone tells you. If you really want this and someone says your arent eligible, go do your own research, make people show you in writing why. My recruiter was a huge advocate for me, which made a big difference too.


Good luck to anyone else in the same boat and if you have questions let me know.

ATB Technical bulletins Update 2008.pdf



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You are also showing them how to properly get your act together. Doing the research, requesting evidence, following the chain of command. In the end you are getting what you want. In some cases, it my not turn out that way, but such is life. This formula should be followed by all, thanks for sharing it.

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This is a question that was prompted by someones post on the Go Army forum. I thought I knew the answer but the post made me unsure.


If I have bad vision as a civilian (worse than 20/50), I have to get LASIK/PRK on my own, right? The Army won't do it for me?


Right. The Army will not do it for you.

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