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Telex headsets: 50D vs Heli-XT


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Hello everyone,


First post here. I've very much enjoyed reading through some of the old threads but now I'm hoping to get a bit of advice on headsets. Specifically, I'm looking at the Telex Stratus 50D and Stratus Heli-XT.


At the moment I'm learning to fly fixed-wing aircraft, with the aim of converting to a helicopter license once that's done. I'm aiming to get a headset that will be suitable for both and will protect my hearing as much as possible. This has led me to the two Telex options mentioned above; they're meant to have the best PNR around and very good ANR too. However, I'm having trouble determining which one would be more suitable for flying both aircraft types.


Reasoning for the Stratus Heli-XT: helicopters make a lot more noise than fixed-wings, or at least the fixed-wings that I'm flying. Therefore it makes sense to get a headset that is optimised for reducing noise levels from helicopters; even though it's not optimised for fixed-wings it'll probably still do a fine job there.


Reasoning for the Stratus 50D: the 50D appears to be aimed at a much higher price point than the Heli-XT; there's a full $300 difference between the cheapest 50D and cheapest Heli-XT that I've found. Based on this it seems reasonable to assume that the 50D can do anything that the Heli-XT can do, plus quite a bit more.


Both of those are based on guesswork, which I'm not willing to rely on when several hundred dollars and my hearing is at stake.


Has anyone here actually used both? So far comments on either have been hard to come by, let alone comparisons between the two.




Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I use the Heli XT in both airplanes and helicopters. I have been quite pleased with it and the support provided by Telex. I fly some noisy turboprops (metroliners) and the headset works better than the Telex ANR 4000 I used to use. I have let other pilots try my headset and they can hear no difference between it and the Bose.

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