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Flight physical and APFT

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What is considered a disqualified for dental in the class 1 flight physical? I have quite a few fillings and a few cavities being filled next week. I also have one crown and another one being put in next week, should I be worried about the flight physical? Also when should I be able to ace the APFT? Right now I'm pretty out of shape and also might be over weight by army standards. Im hoping to get back into shape pretty quickly as I was in awesome shape around this time last year when I was training to be a pararescueman. I want to start the process quickly while also giving myself the best possible shot at selection. my SF-86 is complete as well as my essay. Tomorrow I plan on going to get LORs from the chief of the fire dept where I volunteer, my CFI, former teacher and I'm going to try and get one from someone at the national guard unit stationed on the airport where I train. Any tips for getting my PT performance back quickly?

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I don't know what's considered disqualifying for dental, but depending on where you get your 1a, they check more or less in depth. For mine it was a 5 second look over. Kinda like, "yep they're all there and not rotting out of his head" type of thing. Someone else on here said that it was more in depth where he went. I don't think you'll have a problem.


In regards to the APFT, it is TOUGH to max it, especially if you are out of shape. I was not in shape when I started training, but not overweight. A couple military friends of mine said I should be able to max it within a month. Definitely not! Maybe if I wasn't working full time and going to school all while trying to make a little time for my wife and daughter, and completing my WOFT packet at the same time, I would have progressed quicker. Lol.


The biggest piece of advice for beginning your training is not to overdo it in the beginning. You probably won't hurt yourself doing too many pushups or situps, but you will running. I've gotten shin splints twice and had to take weeks off from running. Push yourself, but listen to your body. Find the difference between soreness and pain.


For pushups, I still think that the one hundred pushups plan is great (google it). Although I plateaued after about 8-9 weeks (I repeated a few weeks) so I switched it up.


For situps, just do them a lot! And do them Army style, not crunches or half situps. It's ok to throw that in every once in awhile, but don't solely train that way.


For running, increase slowly in mileage and pace. Get good shoes and vary your running surfaces. I would also vary between running sprints, running long distances (3-5 miles) and running a timed 2 mile run. And do cardio on your days off from running to keep increasing your heart and lung strength.


Well, this is all my opinion based on my personal experience. It may not work for you, and I'm definely no personal trainer or physician.


Good luck!

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Here's what I could find:





4–6. Dental

The causes of medical unfitness for flying duty Classes 1/2/2F/3/4 are the causes in paragraph 2–5, plus the following:


a. Orthodontic appliances, if they interfere with effective oral communication, or pose a hazard to personal or flight


b. Dental Fitness Class 3 or 4, until the abnormalities or deficiencies have been corrected (see APL, Dental Fitness).



2–5. Dental


a. Current diseases of the jaws or associated tissues that prevent normal functioning do not meet the standard. Those

diseases include, but are not limited to temporomandibular disorders (524.6) and/or myofascial pain that have not been


b. Current severe malocclusion (524), which interferes with normal mastication or requires early and protracted

treatment, or a relationship between the mandible and maxilla that prevents satisfactory future prosthodontic replacement does not meet the standard.

c. Current insufficient natural healthy teeth (521) or lack of a serviceable prosthesis that prevents adequate incision

and mastication of a normal diet and/or includes complex (multiple fixtures) dental implant systems with associated

complications do not meet the standard. Individuals undergoing endodontic care are acceptable for entry in the Delayed

Entry Program only if a civilian or military provider provides documentation that active endodontic treatment will be

completed prior to being sworn into active duty.

d. Current orthodontic appliances for continued treatment (V53.4) do not meet the standard. Retainer appliances are

permissible, provided all active orthodontic treatment has been satisfactorily completed. Individuals undergoing orthodontic care are acceptable for enlistment in the Delayed Entry Program only if a civilian or military orthodontist provides documentation that active orthodontic treatment will be completed prior to being sworn into active duty.



Look here for definitions of Class 3 and 4:



6. Dental Readiness Program

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My run time used to be <7 minutes and pushups were low 60s, so Im hoping to get back to that somewhat quickly. Sit-ups always killed me for some reason, I think those were high 30s when I stopped training.


Are you talking about a 2min pushup, 2min situp and 2mi run? If so, you are a world record runner that will not pass the APFT because of your situps.

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i was running sub 23 for 3 mile run, 2 minute on the pushups and situps for some reason were the death of me, I just need to start doing them a lot more.......seems like my max is down to about 20. Running numbers got good from all the swimming I was doing as well

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I would guess that would translate into ~15min 2 mile time. You would need to get that down to be competitive. Let's assume you are a 25y male, a 15 would be 78, 65 pu is 89 and 40 su is 47 points. Total score is 214. Talk has been a 270 score is competitive.


Do not take this the wrong way, as in , you cannot do it. Rather, look at setting goals and driving yourself to achieve them.


Edit: Take into consideration all the news lately about how failing the APFT is a career ender. What are the chances of selecting taking someone who is marginal when it is that serious now?

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