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Cabri G2


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We looked at them for a bit and had some communication with the Manufacturer. They aren't looking this way yet, maybe next year, but would like to see someone from our side foot the bill for the certification.


We love the ship, but it just doesn't have the performance for our needs.



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The cabri G2 is becoming a popular training helicopter In Europe but I assume the manufacture has not to capabilities to mass produce it and have the financial flexibility to get it FAA certified. I'm sure you can get one over here and put it into restricted category but getting approval by the FSDO to use it for training might be tough. I know marpat aviation has a UH 1B which they got approved for a part 141 external load training course but it took a while to get that signed off.


Give it 2-5 years and I'm sure the cabri will be certified in the US. I don't know much about its performance but it definitely has lots of room in the cockpit for tall guys like me (6'5)

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