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Selected Jan 2018



AGE: 33 (waiver)

GT: 118

SIFT: 64

APFT: 290

EDUCATION: Excelsior College, A.S. Liberal Arts, B.S. Social Sciences GPA: 2.8

Military experience: 11 years AD,6 deployments, SFC, 11B, Airborne, Ranger, Sniper, Recruiter, WLC CL, ALC CL, SLC, TCC, ABIC, Combatives, CSAR TL, 6 years 75th RGR, 4 years Ranger Instructor, 1 year Recruiter

FLIGHT: none

LORS: 2x CW5, 1x CW4, BC, CO

OTHER INFO: Volunteer firefighter and first responder, top 10 2014 International Sniper Comp, 15th 2015 International Sniper Comp

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Selected January (Feb) Board


Age: 26

GT: 124

SIFT: 66

APFT: 248

Military: 0

Flight Hours: 70

Physical: ADD Waiver (Stamped)

Civ Ed: GED, 20 credits towards AA

LORs: O1 Marines, O3 Airforce (Ret), O4 (Ret) Navy. All Aviators.


I had a few obstacles to overcome. I have a GED and required a waiver for ADD. If I can do it anyone can. Took me 2 years to submit my packet was selected first time.

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Selected on the January (FEB) Board


Age: 29

GT: 112

SIFT: 56

APFT: 264

Military: 12 years E-7, 10 AFS

Flight hours: 0

Physical: G2G with stamp

Civ Ed: BS in Public Safety, 3.7 GPA

LORs: O-3, O-5 (SF but prior aviator), CW4, CW5

With the degree being the only exception you and I have nearly identical stats. Gives me A lot more hope! Thanks!
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Selected Jan(Feb) board first look.


Age: 27
SIFT: 63
APFT: 294
Military: AD Army 5 yrs TIS, 25A (O3), Current position as battalion S6. SCCC, Airborne, Cold Weather Leader Course, Mountain Warfare Orientation Course, Air Load Planner, Security+
Flight hours: 0
Med: Complete with waiver, hearing (H2) approved
Civilian ed: Bachelor of Science. 2.7 GPA. Portuguese
LORs: CO CDR (O3), BN CDR (O5), CW4 Blackhawk IP (NG).


I wasn't worried about the board until I started to see some of the other stats people were posting...but in the end the board saw something they liked I guess.

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Selected September 2017

Third Look 😌





MIL: 7 years AD; SSG; 15R Apache mechanic, WLC, ALC, Air/Rail load, hazmat, UPL, Armorer

Flight hours:0

Civilian Ed: GED; 40 college credits 3.86 GPA



I applied in 2016 but I received two no gos so I completely reworded my whole packet and got a different CW5 to recommend me, selected Sep 17. Start wocs this week. So I, like the guy a few posts up, feel if I can make it anyone can, dont take no for an answer, keep trying.

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Selected March 2018 - Second look

FQ-NS for the January 2018 board


Age: 27

GT: 114
SIFT: 51
APFT: 271
Military: 8 years AD SGT as a Signal soldier.
Flight hours: 0
Physical: Stamped
Civ Ed: 27 credits towards business degree

Waivers: None
LORs: (O-3) Company Commander, (O-5) BN Commander, and CW5 AD Aviator

This is a good thread to see where you stack up against everyone else but don't get discouraged by others that may seem to have higher stats than you.

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Can we get some September selectee stats here?

Age: 29

GT: 126

SIFT: 60

APFT: 287

Civ. Ed. : Bachelors Degree - 3.5 GPA

LOR: O-3 EOD, State Representative and former Navy Seal, college football coach

Flight: None

Physical: stamped, no waivers

Moral waiver accepted

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Age: 32

GT: 128

SIFT: 57

APFT: 256

LOR: Army- 06, CW5; USMC- 05, 04 (Pilot), 03, CWO2

Flight: None

School: School prior to service 2.8 GPA

Military: 9 years. 6 deployments. AD USMC SSgt

Physical: No waivers

Waivers: Approved


Moral- incident out in town that was dropped with no fees but I put it in anyway. TIS- had little over 10 months left on contract at time of the board.


I wouldn't say I'm exceptional in anyway but I do have a couple combat related citations and a valor award, but nothing I would say is over the top. Also come from a CAS and comm background.


for those looking to see how you stack up just keep a positive attitude and keep trying.

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Selected for the May board.


Age: 29

GT: 126

SIFT: 62

APFT: 286

Military: 8 years TIS. E-5. 6 National Guard, 2 Reserves

Flight hours: 3 hours. Cessna 172

Physical: Stamped, 1 waiver

Civ Ed: BA Communication 2.65 GPA

LORs: O-3, O-5 Aviator and CW3 Aviator


Selected as a Reserve applicant. 155E. I feel like I won the lottery getting to go fixed wing.

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Military:10 years AD SSG MOS 14p

College:36 gpa 2.7 oops lol

LORS: 3 O3, O5, CW4 standardization pilot in Korea

Physical: with a waiver stamped

Flight time:0 other than jumping out of perfectly good aircraft while in flight!

If that CW4 has the initals D VV he is a really awesome guy

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Good luck future candidates.

Selected in July Acitve and Guard, chose Guard (AH-64D).

GT: 133

SIFT: 79 (happy to help if youre worried about the SIFT)

AFPT: 276

Civ Ed: Associates in Acionics Tech, 3.5 yrs toward Aeronautics BS

Mil: 4 years USAF Acft Mechanic (E5)

Flight: PPL, 62.5 Hrs

LORec: AF Group CC (Col), AF Squad CC (Lt Col), OIC (Capt), AF 60 pilot (Lt Col), AF 60 pilot (Maj)

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