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What Are My Chances? Check Out the Stats of Selected Members HERE.

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Selected July as well:

Age: 25

GR: 115

SIFT: 58

APFT: 250 (😅)

34 credits including 15 of those JST from American Military Univserity

LOR: Company Commander, Battalion Commander, CWOB

Floght: zilch

Physical: hearing waiver; stamped

7 years AD infantry


As you can see, stats dont have to be the best. Id say for AD, have some obvious experience and maybe a strong resume

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Selected November 18 Board


Age: 32

GT: 121

SIFT: 56

APFT: 266

Civilian Education: 100+ hours towards BS in Turf Grass Management, GPA 3.11

No Waivers

LOR's: O3 CO Commander, O5 BN Commander, CW3

Flight Experience: None

Military Experience: 14E, E7, 10 years TIS

NCOERs: 1 Top Block, All other Highly Qualified


Third time getting looked at. Never Give Up!

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Congrats, Duck! I was rooting for you man!


Selected November 18 Board:


Age: 25
GT: 120
SIFT: 63
APFT: 260

LoRs: O8(ret), O7(ret, former IP at Rucker, CEO of Army Aviation Heritage Foundation), CW5(ret, 180A, former commandant of SF Warrant Officer Institute), O5(ret, Delta Commander)

School: 32 Credit Hours, poor GPA

Military: None

Flight: None

Physical: Stamped and Qualified

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Hi everyone! I am a street-to-seat warrant who was picked up on the February 2018 board. I am currently waiting to start common core in flight school down here at Fort Rucker. I will be available to answer any questions you all may have regarding basic training, WOCS, WOBC, SERE, Fort Rucker, and anything else you can think of regarding WOFT. I will also be available to help anyone once you arrive here at Fort Rucker for WOCS. Feel free to PM me or post in the board and I will reply ASAP.

WO1 Bryce Desy

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Late post, hopefully helpful


AGE: 28






APFT: 273


EDUCATION: 26 hours into BS Aeronautical Science




BOARD: June 2018




OTHER INFO: "Strong Resume, NCOERs" according to peers. Who knows, though.



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AGE: 26
SIFT: 64
APFT: 283
EDUCATION: Associate in Arts 2.3 GPA
FLIGHT: 115 hours, Private rotary and fixed wing
LORS: 03 Blackhawk pilot/civilian flight instructor, 18B 7th SFG E6, Manager of civilian job
OTHER INFO: Moral waiver for underage consumption of alcohol at 18
SELECTED: Yes, Jan 2019 board

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AGE: 28


SIFT: 54

APFT: 289

EDUCATION: Bachelors of Business Administration 3.2 GPA, AS Criminal Justice,GED


BOARD: Passed Standing Board

LORS: Marine Major (former OIC), Marine LtCol (C130 Pilot/CO), Marine 1stSgt, Marine SgtMaj

OTHER INFO: prior service Marine E5 (if you couldn't tell by my LORs), got out in 2016, lots of volunteer hours


SELECTED: Yes, Jan 2019 board (second look)

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AGE: 28
ASVAB AFQT/GT: N/A (never had to take either to commission through ROTC)
SIFT: 75
APFT: 288
EDUCATION: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Universtiy, BS in Homeland Security 2.99 GPA
LORS: CW5 from 82nd CAB, and required CO and BC
OTHER INFO: CPT, FA, required Active Federal Commissioned Service (AFCS) waiver for having >48 months on active duty. Officers only compete against other officers, and only once in January, this year they selected 10 out of 40-50 (so I heard). So enlisted and civilians, feel free to ignore this data point!

SELECTED: Jan 2019 board

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AGE: 28

GT: 115

SIFT: 55

APFT: 297

EDUCATION: 127 college credits

MOS: 15G aircraft structural repairer

FLIGHT: none

LORs: CW4 brigade MTP/ O-3/ 0-5

WAIVER: Moral for dismissed dui before joining the Army - Approved week before the board. Was told I had strong NCOERS, ,Resume and LORs

SELECTED: yes, January 2019 board (first look)

How soon before the January deadline did you submit your packet? Asking because I need a moral etp too.
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How soon after a board could a civilian applicant expect to hear if they were selected or not? Is there somewhere I could find out by looking myself or do I need to wait for my recruiter to contact me?



For those of you civilians selected, how long is the wait until basic?


Wrong thread for questions guys, Ill PM you both what I know.


AGE: 25


SIFT: 64

APFT: 293



LORS: O3 CH-53, CW4 UH-60, USASOC Command Sgt Major, Civilian boss

OTHER INFO: Civilian

SELECTED: March 2019 (First look)

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Don't remember forsure all my stats because it took so long to get my packet together.


Age: 31

ASVAB/GT: 95/12?

SIFT: 63

APFT: 26?

Education: B.S in Engineering (Biotech) GPA 3.4 , B.S. in Project Management GPA 4.0

LORs: O3 (Aviator), former boss-civilian, two O4s, and an O5

Flight: 0

Flight Physical: No waivers

Selected: March 2019 (first look) as a civilian

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SELECTED: March 2019 (First look)


Civilian Applicant


AGE: 30
SIFT: 55
APFT: 261
EDUCATION: J.D. (Law Degree) GPA 2.69; B.S. in management GPA 2.44
FLIGHT: 4.5 hours (Fixed-Wing: Cessna 152); 10 hours Flight Sim; 101 hours actual

classroom time
LORS: CW4 UH-60, USARMY; Special Agent, USAF; CW4, USN; CW3, USN; Civilian Boss (Assistant Director General of an Aviation Regulatory Body)

OTHER INFO: My stats are not that high, but I did my best to catch the board's attention with my essay and other qualifications. My previous work involved a lot of Aviation too. And I am also licensed to do a variety of things: law, skydiving, and scuba diving.

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Selected on first look


Age: 29
GT: 138
SIFT: 65
APFT: 297
LOR's: USAF O5- Family Friend and retired F-16 pilot, USMC MARSOC O5 Last Battalion Commander, USMC MARSOC O4 Last Company Commander, 3x USMC MARSOC O3s Former Team Commanders

School: 45 credits, 4.0 GPA towards B.S.in Aeronautics
Military: 9 years USMC AD, 4 years infantry, 5 years MARSOC operator
Flight: None
Physical: Stamped - With vision wavier
Med/Moral Waivers: Vision but stamped approved


Report for WOCS on May 8th

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I got selected my second look, Here's my stats:


Active Duty E4

with exactly 2 years TIS

3 AAMs


118 GT

271 PT Score


No college


After being FQ-NS January I honestly was super disappointed and didn't update my packet for this board. I am very new to the army so it was hard showing my worth but don't get discouraged.

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Civilian (First Look - May 2019 Board)

Age: 23


SIFT: 47

APFT: 283

College: B.S. at Texas A&M University - Management - GPA 2.9

LoR's: (NG O-7 UH-60 pilot, Marine Corps O-5 AH-1W pilot, Army CW4 160th MH-60 pilot, Army CW3 UH-60 pilot, Army MI E-5 Boss, Boss with PPL) four know me personally

Flight Physical: Stamped (no waivers)

Flight Experience: Two hours in the UH-60 Mike & Lima Simulators

Little extra side stat was that I ran track in college, specifically the sprint team. I don't know if that helped or not.

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