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GOM Operator Comparison


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There is a lot of discussion about one GOM operator or the other but not much comparing the three big ones - PHI, Bristow, and Era.


Anyone out there have experience at more than one of the above companies? What did you like, what didn't you like? If you had an offer from all three, which one would you accept? Why?


Any information from those with experience at one or multiple would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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I like the paint scheme on Era birds :P


I don't have personal experience but, I have talked to an Era pilot. He may be biased but he is happy there. He says they have good benefits and opportunity to move up in the company. He said that from what he has heard PHI many times hires from the outside for their big twins instead of moving up their current employees. All here say on my part, anyone want to confirm if this is fact or rumor?

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PHI has the best paint scheme, by far. Out over the water, in rather poor vis, you can see the yellow birds far better than you can white, or especially Air Dog's white/blue, which blend in very well, making them almost impossible to see. I've had Air Log come by me and never saw them at all, just got the alert from TCAS, knew they were less than a mile away, and couldn't see them because they were the same color as the water, especially when there were whitecaps. I HATE Air Log's paint scheme because of that. Era's isn't a lot better. At least you can see PHI coming. And that's my primary criterion for judging a paint scheme. :P

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