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Fort Rucker B Company Changes

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Anyone there to confirm this:




Essentially, in a effort to reduce commissioned/warrant "buddy-buddy" issues they are staring to separate them into different classes. The ultimate goal is to eventually split flight school.


If this is true, what impacts do you except WOs would see? Good or bad.

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Guess I had an account all along.


"For those coming to Fort Rucker starting 5 NOV, you can expect a potentially different climate than you've been hearing about.


Bravo Company will no longer own both commissioned and warrants. Commissioned officers will now be owned and operated by Delta Company and Warrants will stay with Bravo Company.


I'm on Flatiron detail until I start my advanced course, so I'm not completely in-the-loop on the change. I do know classes will still be mixed and there will now be two class leaders for every class (one commissioned and one warrant). I've been told it is to bring the student:cadre ratio down so more time is allowed for one on one and OPD.


For those that have endured B Co before, you can likely understand why this could be a great thing...or an absolutely awful thing."



As I see it, no real change. I guess LTs and Captains wont be getting bitched at by cranky CW2s and CW3s. It was like this not too long ago.


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This is the way it was prior to 2002 anyway.. they integrated the RLO's from D Co to B Co late in 2002, early 2003.


It was nicer NOT having the RLO's around, as it seemed for of a relaxed environment.. but to each is own. It turned into one big cluster after they came over, probably more to do with the transition and more people to keep accountability of.


The only place it'll really effect is on casual status, or in a hold.


You still fly, study, PT, etc with everybody...

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That's the word that has been floating around. Rumor is the WO BOLC will be cut from the 7 or 8 weeks down to 2 or 3. Rumor at least, still waiting to find that out for sure. Supposedly that's the case because half of what is covered in BOLC was already covered in WOCS.

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It was like this in 2009. They switched everyone to B Co sometime in 2010. I guess it didn't work out like they wanted it to.


Then they haven't made up their minds for a while.


Seems about par for the course.


And as far as cutting down BOLC.. That's long over due...

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They split them up back in 2007 right around the time I moved over from WOCS. It appears to be cyclical, like all things.


We did not PT with the D Co people... same time, yes, but not the same place.


As far as classes that they used to have other than flight school:


JOPD 1 week (Seemed designed for LTs...rather sucked going through a class that tells you what a warrant officer is, when you just spend four weeks....)

BOLC IIIA 3 weeks




BOLC IIIB 3 weeks


3B was almost like a culmination thing...we had to do a little more learning (which I've found is repeated in the advanced course), AVCATT which was actually fun, and the "Dark Horse Challenge" which was 100 pushups, situps, 2 mile ruck, and 3 mile run in <1 hour. "Required" to graduate. I don't know if they ever actually held anyone from graduating for failing to complete it, but I know the people that failed the first time around got to go out and do it again, to include the ruck on a sandy trail, with rubber ducks.


I heard afterwards that they had stopped BOLC... I don't even know anymore.

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You went through that as a warrant? When I went through it was only for LTs.


yeah...such a wasted week... Seems like one of those things where people who had no idea what it was asked the question "why aren't the warrants going to this?", and the good idea fairy struck again.


This must be a good thing for the Lt's hah. Heard a story about a 2nd LT counseling his WO IP. That would have been something to see!


I talked to someone yesterday about it. They've been trying to do OPD from the cadre to the students, and it didn't really work for a W2, W3 to be doing so with an LT. It's an administrative difference only. There will be no change academically. (That is, LTs are still going to get warrants as their IPs, stick buddies, and classmates.)

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