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Have emailed Jerry Mullins, the CEO of Enstrom and asked him directly. Will post any info I get from him here. I do know they have just started making ag equipment for the F-28 again and also for the 280 so there might be some truth to the rumour.


Will advise soonest.




Heli Ops  :cheers:

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Here is what I got from Bayard.


We are seriously studying building a trainer that would have the same cost

structure and be aimed at the same market as the 300CBi.  At this point we

don't think it would actually be an "A" model.  It would be an "Enstrom",

and use existing rotatables but I believe that it would have to have

somewhat better performance than the A did.  We have some ideas about how to achieve this and are looking at them.

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