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AFAST - Scheduling Question

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I am a college op applicant to Army OCS, and will be entering BCT on 19 Nov 2012 and OCS in February 2013.


The Ed. Center told me the SIFT test will not be out until Jan. 1st so hopefully the AFAST score will be accepted in my case. I do not submit my flight packet until week 3 of OCS which will be in March.


Now, a little background on my question: The education center is having difficulty scheduling me for the test since I am civilian. They are confused about what forms to complete because I don't have an ORB. I talked to boss lady who was also confused because I guess in Alaska there aren't any civilian applicants trying to schedule tests with them. They are waiting for an email response by some director back East to help them out.


My question is this: Is anyone aware of what paperwork/forms you needed to schedule the AFAST as a civilian? I'm hoping I can enlighten her and get this thing scheduled.


Also, I do have the support of the local recruiting Captain who has been calling me to see how my progress towards the flight packet is going. He said he will sign off on the forms once I get them.


Thanks for any help.

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So the 1 Oct. switch over to the SIFT has yet to happen??


From http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/index.shtml


1 OCT 12 - The Aviation Branch has developed a replacement for the Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST). The new test is the Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT) which will be implemented on 1 JAN 13. In order to facilitate this transition to the SIFT, 153A (Rotary Wing Aviator) will not be selected on the first FY13 Accessions Board in NOV, but will be selected in JAN 13. Starting on 18 JAN 13, all 153A applicants will be required to have a qualifying SIFT score in their packet. If a 153A packet is determined by USAREC to be "Board Ready" prior to 18 JAN 13, the AFAST score will still be accepted. Any packet having an AFAST score after 18 JAN 13 will be returned to the applicant with the instructions to take the SIFT and resubmit their packet with a SIFT score! The SIFT is an aptitude test, therefore there will not be a study guide for it!

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I thought I would answer my own question in case anyone in the future is having the same issue. I have now completed the AFAST.


The answer is: don't schedule the AFAST through the Education Center if you are a civilian. Instead, take the AFAST (or SIFT in the future) at MEPS. My recruiter was trying to schedule me through the place that tests current Army personnel. I just assumed he knew what he was doing by trying to schedule me through the Ed. Center, so never questioned where I was taking the test.

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