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Quantum Helicopter Training

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I've been pondering the thought of pursuing my dream as a helicopter pilot for quite some time now, and I have been going through these threads for well over a year. I am three weeks away from finishing my bachelor's degree in nursing and figure it is now or never. I think Quantum looks like a good fit for me, however, I plan to make a visit to check out first hand. My question is are there any recent, or current students that can give a good projection on cost to attend? I have researched enough to know that 49k is not realistic to complete professional pilot course. However, some schools seem to be upwards of 80k or more. I plan on having about 30-35k cash money to start. I'm just trying to get a rough idea on how much more I need to finance. Thanks in advance to any insight.

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The last time I checked (a few years ago) they were more expensive than most other schools. I've also met a few pilots with horror stories from there (like 100hrs and still no PPL, 50hrs and still haven't soloed, etc...),...come to think of it, maybe I should have mentioned this on that other thread about schools!? These stories are a few years old, so things may be different now, plus it could have just been a bad CFI or two, and not the whole school?


On a plus note, I've also heard they have an "in" with Papillion, and that could make it all worth while!?


To answer your question though, I've known CFIIs who have spent 60k, and CFIIs who have spent 100k, its really hard to tell exactly how much it will cost!


However, if you have the funds/time to train 5 days a week, you could easily get all your ratings in just 150hrs! So figure 150 X $300/hr?,...of course you'll still need to buy another 50hrs if you train in the R22!,...and then of course there's ground training and test fees!

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Depends what you want to do with that training.




Quantum used to have a very high success rate with hiring their own, then placing their own with operators in a fairly short time. Since the economy flattened out somewhat, their low turn times (9 months to a year) for instructors may have grown a bit...but they've still got a good reputation.


Missy is known for being a very no-nonsense character. In my limited dealings with her, I'd tend to concur.

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Fyi: Quantum is currently training a large number of Asian student under contract... Whether this is an issue or not for new students or not I wouldn't know... Depending on the contract length might be of benefit to those training there once they obtain their cfi rating...


Quite a few Helicopter flight schools in the Phx metro area including another large one in Scottsdale that's also worth looking into... Also Arizona State University is currently considering adding helicopter flight training to their curriculum next year, so if your a current nursing student you might want to research this avenue for a dual degree...

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