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Flight Physical expires days after WOCS graduation

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As the title says my flight physical taken September 2011 will expire on March 31 of 2013 according to the local flight surgeon. I attend WOCS in February and am scheduled to graduate on March 27 I believe.


The flight surgeon here says that it should be fine since it extends through my scheduled school date even though it expires days after graduation. Plus I will have to get another physical after graduating WOCS anyway before IERW correct?


Just want to make sure this is accurate information and I won't arrive at Rucker with any issues regarding the physical expiring so close to my graduation date. The flight surgeon here is extremely helpful and has been with me for over a year. He admitted that he wasn't entirely sure about how things work after I leave WOCS and has been trying to get in contact with others who may know. Since its the holidays everyone is gone so neither him or I can get a definite answer.


I don't want to undermine his position but I would like a definite answer and not a 90% sure type answer.


Would anyone here know the answer to this question?

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