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Official Bring Back NightSta1ker Thread


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I am on the save the NightSta1ker bandwagon. He is an endangered species. He is near extinction.

But I predict a strong comeback.

NightSta1ker, if you read this, don't change a thing about any of your posts. I love how you put yourself out there, and wear your enthusiasm on your sleeve. More in this industry should be more like you. You make this forum a better place, and right now the better to worse ratio is down by one, so as you can see we really need you.

Take a line from the "Terminator", and tell us..."I'll be back" !!!


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Maybe, maybe not. I don't think avbug has a vendetta against him, though. Avbug has put everyone on the chopping block. When he see's you post something that he views as smart, he says so. If he doesn't agree with it, he says so.


Avbug might be a bit over the top some times, but he's impartial with it. You can't get mad at him for that.

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I appreciate the thoughts guys. But I've made my mind up. I have come to the conclusion that I am not doing myself any favors by participating in this forum. There are others with much more experience that can better answer the questions. And I have no desire to throw my opinion out there for others to use against me. Simple as that. I will still be lurking, and if anyone wants advice, opinions or just want to shoot the sh*t, please feel free to PM me, I will respond. I didn't quit because of avbug, though our interactions definitely helped shape the opinion that I have now. Really, I owe him a thank you more than anything else. Sometimes the truth is a tough pill to swallow.


I have no hard feelings. I'm not off pouting. Life goes on.



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Oh, come on! And I was glad to see that you posted here again! For a moment I thought that rotortramp's post worked its magic....


The saddest thing in this case is that the post which trigerred all that, was a very nice and polite post.


I haven't been around that long in this forum, but you are definitely one of the few people that keeps this place going.


Anyway, do as you please, and whatever makes you sleep better at nights. Best of luck, and don't let things that don't worth it, bother you.

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